summer wedding with Cluse Watches kinda #fashionfriday


Hola ;)

Lots of weddings going on right now and i couldn´t be happier, i just love attending to them, too bad i don´t get invited very often. ;) Had one last week and another the day after tomorrow. So yes, felt like sharing with you my outfits here.

I wore a floral midi skirt and a black top for the first part and changed into a off shoulder wide leg jumpsuit for dinner.

And because i loved my black jumpsuit from Forever 21 bought another one, different color, for this weekend´s wedding. Don´t know what to wear for the daytime church reception. Thinking of maybe the same midi skirt. What would you suggest?

Yes, as you can see, i paired the outfits with my new La Roche marble Cluse watch, cuz it suits them perfectly. It´s classy and very modern at the same time, exactly like all the others Cluse timepieces. They combine elegance and minimalism in the most nicest form.

OUTFIT (shop my look)

  • i love it when i can use the same item for different occasions, like the of shoulder jumpsuit from Forever 21, the shoes from Mango and the marble Cluse timepiece.
  • outfits 1 and 2 are from last Sunday, the red one is something similar to what i´m gonna wear this weekend.

Hope you liked this. Now, what is your favorite Cluse watch? ;)

***pictures (me, @me_and_mango and @_pommegranate, all iPhone 6)

the Foodora tours (part 1)

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Did you just watch the vlog? Now tell me, how do find it? It always feels so weird to see myself in front of the camera. The good thing is that we´ve done this for years now, only for us, cuz husband wanted to document our life and I actually never know which part he´s gonna use for the vlog. That makes me more comfortable, at least until i think some of you see this ;) p.s. did you see those cool elderly Asian people graming all the time? How cute ;)

Anyways, back to our topic.. i assume you know Foodora, right? If not, it´s a food delivery company that specializes in premium restaurants and i love that!!! A lot! I´m very picky when it comes to food, the taste, looks and places where it´s produced and with Foodora Austria i feel safe, cuz they work with some of my favorite restaurants in Vienna. So yes, we picked 3 of the best ones, with a very different cuisine each and this is the result, at least part 1 ;)

As i just said, each place we chose has a different cuisine and we decided to start with Asian, because who doesn´t love some crispy rolls, right?

IKO KITCHEN BAR, our first stop, is a tiny, Japanese restaurant, located in the heart of Vienna (first district), with an open kitchen and some awesome food. Ahm, and the coolest traditional Japanese dishes and pots, perfect for an Instagram picture ;)

We went there for lunch, on a weekend, and i started green, with a matcha tee and edamame and had the pure salad as main dish with lotus roots. You have to try it, feels so exotic ;) And that was actually enough, but when i tried the crispy rolls husband ordered, had to get some for myself too, so good!

And the desserts, oh the desserts, ice cream mochi, say what?? Too bad there were only 2 of them, i could´ve eaten 10! Yes, i´m that person that doesn´t understand why less has to be more :D

Pretty much our experience there. Iko Kitchen bar is a nice place for a quick lunch break, dinner with friends or for take-aways.


  1. decor: 🍎🍎🍏🍏🍏

  2. food and drinks: 🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎

  3. variety: 🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎

  4. vegan friendly: 🍎🍎🍎🍎🍏

  5. service: 🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎

  6. location: 🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎

  7. prices: 🍎🍎🍎🍏🍏

  8. overall: 🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎


The idea of doing these 3 tours started some months ago, at a nice event organized by Foodora Austria at Schrittesser Speck & Bar where we watched the sixth Foodoracle. I love discovering the food´s origin, especially when it comes to meat.

***vlog: husband

***pictures: me (Panasonic Lumix 100)




#fashionfriday with my Blueprint sunnies


Hey my dear reader!

Summer´s almost here and sunnies are back as the most essential accessory, well, at least for me, because did you know that people with light eyes are more sensitive to sunlight? No, it´s not a myth, i can prove it :) Now really, it is a fact that we have a light sensitivity, called photophobia, because we have less pigmentation in multiple layers of the eye, interesting..

Yes, such a hard life i  have, because i always chase the sun (i´m a summer girl) but i squint all the time into the sunlight, a paradox indeed..  :D

That´s why i never leave home without wearing sunglasses. And my new favorites this year are the super, super light Blueprint. And when i say light, i mean it, they´re so comfortable you´ll forget you´re wearing them, really. I chose the Noosa// Black smoke for husband and the Elba// Tortoise Ice for me. They´re my first mirrored sunglasses and i love them! Ahm, and i also got the Aluna Gradient Sand for more classier days. There are many cool designs if you wanna have a look at their page and you can even create your own look by choosing the color of the frame, lens and arms.

Anyways, because today it´s #fashionfriday here, i thought i could share with you one of my outfits from my Chasing the Sun campaign with Blueprint. 

Jumpsuit Outfit (shop my look)

Summer culotte jumpsuits are very in this season, i bought mine from Forever 21 in sales (only 5 euros!!) and matched it with an old military shirt, a straw hat and my favorite Elba// Tortoise Ice sunnies From Blueprint (the one featured in the moodboard are just an example) The bag is a vintage gift @_pommegranate bought for me in Trieste, Italy.

***sunglasses review in friendly collaboration with Blueprint Eyewear

 #blueprinteyewear #chasethesun

***pictures (husband and me: iPhone 6 and Lumix100)


Budapest quiz

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I could be writing here more information about Budapest, but i prefer to ask you instead and see your knowledge about this cool city. So let´s begin:

1. Fisherman´s Bastion used to be:

  • a. a Fishmarket
  • b. a fisherman´s warehouse
  • c. a fishing community

2. Fisherman´s Bastion was built:

  • a. out of stability, because the ground was moving and to commemorate the fishermen who protected this part of the city
  • b. to commemorate the fishermen who protected this part of the city
  • c. because queen Elizabeth ordered so

3. it has ____ tent-like turrets (towers):

  • a. 6
  • b. 7
  • c. 10

4. before 1873 Budapest used to be

  • a. the same city as today
  • b. 2 cities: Buda and Pest
  • 3. 3 cities: Buda, Pest and Óbuda

5. The Hungarian language is classifid as:

  • a. Finno-Ungric
  • b. Ungric
  • c. Indo-European

6. Köszönöm in Hungarian means:

  • a. please
  • b. hello
  • c. thank you

7. the Hungarian parliament building is:

  • a. the largest parliament building in the world
  • b. the second largest parliament building in the world
  • c. the third largest parliament building in the world

8. Budapest hosts one of the biggest music festivals, the Sziget Festival, that takes place every year in:

  • a. June
  • b. July
  • c. August

9. Budapest consists of:

  • a. 23 districts, as many as Vienna
  • b. 20 districts, just as Paris
  • c. 32 districts, like London

10. Buda and Pest, on each side of the Danube are united by:

  • a. 6 bridges
  • b. 7 bridges
  • c. 8 bridges

Now, if you went that far and took the 10 question quiz, first, thanks a lot, second, you can check the results on this pdf, where you´ll also find some useful tips when visiting the city. Hope you liked it, if so, here and here and here and here are some more pictures and videos of our trip. Wink ;)

ahm, and one last thing,

DO NOT mistake Budapest for Bucharest although they are indeed the capitals of 2 neighbour countries!

DO NOT mix the Hungarian and Italian flags, no, no, no! It is true, they have the same colors, but the Hungarian stripes are horizontal, whereas the Italian vertical. Mark that! ;)

DO NOT joke about "Hungry" instead of "Hungary" or "hungry Hungarians"! They´ve heard that much too many times, says Bea from Budapest ;)

love, i

My Guide to Budapest: PDF Download

***video: husband

***info and pictures: me (iPhone 6 mostly, some Lumix100)




10 reasons to never, ever visit Budapest

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"i´m sure there is a story about this black tower" he says..

so, this is the story:

A long time ago there lived a young girl called Red Riding! Sorry, that´s another fairy tale ;)

1. I actually did a whole research looking for an answer, and after that i can say that Matthias Church is also known as Our Lady and it was built originally in romanesque style, then rebuilt as Gothic and after that, in Turkish times, it changed and was used as the main mosque. Anyways, i know all that, but not what the tower was used for, if it´s part of the old church, or of the restored one..i can´t seem to find it anywere! So, it´s decided, this is the first reason to never go to Budapest, because nobody tells us the story of this black tower!! ;)

2. Another reason, and very important one is that huge parliament! Did you know it´s the third largest parliament in the whole word? I mean, what a waste, right?

3. The same about the other main tourist attractions and important buildings, like Fisherman´s Bastion, Matthias Church, Buda Castle, and so on! They´re far from being elegant or whatsoever!

4. And talking about architecture, have you ever heard of the Budapest Art Nouveau? Such a boring story, i know! Meaning "New Art" in French, it is a popular art style between 1890 and 1910, also known as Jugendstil or Modernisme. And apparently there are many buildings like this in the Hungarian capital.

5. Oh, the ruin bars! Don´t get me started! They´re hidden gems, original and  full of recycled objects, like an old car or bathtub in Szimpla Kert. Who´s idea was it, to transform them in a hipster, psychedelic and success formula for both local and international Budapest night life?

6. Have you ever had coffee in Budapest? The places suck, right? Like big time! You could walk for hours without finding a decent coffee place. We visited Kiosk. Huge lamps, deers, macarons and flowers, disgusting, i know! If you still want to go, don´t ever try the homemade lemonade! ;) Same with Ramenka and Goamama. It would be a waste of time to eat their delicious big bowl ramen soups or enjoy a creamy cake.

7. Hmmm, what else, what could you convince to not visit the city? Oh yes, i remembered, there is this huge basilica, St Stephen´s Basilica that looks a lot, like almost identical with the one from Vaticano.

8. And as if this wasn´t enough, you can have an amorino gelato in this little place just on the corner. These people, they have flower shaped ice cream, ya, right, like that´s a thing!

9. All the old timers beautifully parked on the street are another reason to hate it! Some of them are forgotten and will stay there for years.

10. And last, but not least, the hotels, yes, not a single one that i liked, not even Baltazar Hotel and Brody House. If you want to see pictures of them and convince yourself of how awful they are, go check my last blogpost from Budapest. ;)

Yes, that´s pretty much it. We saw beautiful buildings, blossom trees and got lost on narrow, cobblestone happy we only stayed for 2 days! Not going again any time soon ;)

p.s.1 please note, this is all ironic and sarcastic, look at it in reverse, if you want (ahm, and try to read this sentence very fast, that the ones at the end of pharmaceutic adds, you know what i mean?

p.s.2 i´ll soon write another article on Budapest that´ll also include a pdf travel guide ;)

love, i

***vlog: husband

***pictures and text: me (iPhone 6)



Morning coffee

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Hello there my lovelies! Time for a new post, this one about Nespresso, what else? (i love using this! It´s such a catchy phrase :)

Anyways, i´m lucky to partner up with Nespresso to present you Prodigio, the new connected mashine. It´s been so much fun doing this project! I got the mashine, the milk frother, yay!! and lots of coffee pads with even some limited edition ones, like Tanim de Chiapas, Mexico, or Umutima wa Lake Kivu, Rwanda, exotic, huh?

If you know me, you´ll also probably know that i´m not a coffee expert, not at all, but coffee has become such an important part in our culture and life, that we´ve also adopted it in our home. 

The fun part with the Prodigio is not only the super creamy texture, but also the fact that you can brew and schedule it from your phone! Yes, exactly, that´s why it´s called the connected mashine, cuz it´s Bluetooth connected, wink!

So, this it how it works: you first download the Nespresso App and then you can set the timer whenever you want, so that your coffee is ready, waiting for you. What a snob, you would think! No, no, it really comes in handy, especially when you schedule it for the following morning or when it shows you maintenance alerts. Besides, the app also shows you a capsule stock management.

Now, why do i love my Prodigio? Because it´s so much fun, the coffee is super creamy and my built-in Aeroccino makes the best milk cream ever using soy milk!

This being said, here are #MYPRODIGIOMOMENTS, some of them also shared on Instagram these past weeks. Being at home, with husband and enjoying a cup of coffee on the balcony while watching the sunshine, it´s priceless, really. That´s why i even had the Prodigio moved to our marble table in the balcony.


And not to talk about those moments when friends come over! I love it!! Especially if they can schedule their own coffee, it makes it so much easier for me, you know? lol

  • tip: for the Aeroccino milk frother use best Alpro soy milk, my favorite so far ;)

p.s. 1: congrats again to for being the winner of my Nespresso giveaway!! Tell us how do you  like your new Prodigio ;)

p.s. 2: can you tell i love flowers?

p.s. 3: which are your favorite Nespresso pads?

***pictures: iphone 6 and Lumix100

The grand Budapest HOTELs

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So tell me, tell me, what do you think? This was one of our most fun projects so far! For me, at least, for husband also a bit challenging, but i love how it turned out! The week we visited Budapest, just some days before our trip, i saw Dax and Kristen´s music video and i loved it! I remember calling @me_and_mango and telling him we should do the same with the Budapest song. It tooked me a while to convince him, but 2 weeks later, here we are. Ahm, and also to mention that my sister had the exact same thought the moment she saw it on Ellen, oh, life, you´re so lovely sometimes :)

Now, back to business, if you´ve seen Wes Anderson´s The Grand Budapest Hotel movie and were wondering where the real hotel is, i might have found it. Yes, in Budapest, where else? ;)

I´m talking about Boscolo Hotel, with a stunning architecture and one beautiful New York Café.

But despite an unbearable resemblance with the one in the movie, i wanted to discover something else, that place in Budapest, that really brings you to a whole other level of coolness, urban sophistication and, like the movie, creates that magic je ne sais quoi..

and guess what, i actually succeeded!

I found 2 hotels, both quirky and visually stunning, one for each side of the Danube, Buda and Pest. And as i couldn´t decide which one i liked better, husband and i visited both.

I´ll start with the first, Baltazar, a cool boutique hotel surrounded by cobblestone streets, a hidden sakura alley, a nice square, Mattias Church and Fisherman´s Bastion. It is located in the Buda side of the city, in the fancy Castle district and it has 11 cool, individually-themed rooms and suites. We were lucky enough to have room number 12 (i know, i just said there are only 11 rooms, but the numbers don´t match the amount of rooms ;). It is a Keith Haring inspired loft suite for 4 with so many awesome details, i can´t even count. Ok, i´ll mention some, the brick wall, the heart drawing on it, all the vintage lamps and tables, the high ceiling, L´Occtinate toiletries, the huge, we loved everything!

I also enjoyed the library looking like wallpaper and the velvety sofa in front of it, you just saw it in the video, we had so much fun lip sync-ing there ;)

Yes, what else? Ahm, the breakfast downstairs, in the Grill restaurant was very nicely presented, we had the French breakfast bundle while talking to lovely Zsófi, from PR about the hotel and its owners, the Zsidai Family. These guys are great, they run several of Budapest´s top restaurants, like Pierrot, near to the hotel or the Opera Café. They´ll even open another small luxury boutique hotel in summer, yay!

My rating: 9´5

My review:

  1. Booking rating: 9´3
  2. affordable, excellent location, yet a very quite and magical neighborhood with great connection, the bus station is on the corner.
  3. perfectly decorated rooms, comfy, spacious (our loft was 60m²)
  4. the heat works just great (i´m very picky when it comes to that, i´m usually cold)
  5. friendly staff

Curiosity: Baltazar used to be a print factory, cute!

Tipp: the best price is 140, but for 62 euros more you can book the loft, room number 33, it has this beautiful painting, Johannes Vermeer inspired Girl with the pearl. Otherwise, if you go with your family or in a group of 4, book our room, number 12 ;)

Now, we would´ve left beautiful Baltazar even sadder than we were, if it wasn´t because we knew Brody House awaited us.

Located on the opposite side of the Danube, Brody House is the most bohemian place i´ve ever seen and Pest´s best kept secrets, with unique rooms and artistic vibes in an old building that takes you back to the late-19th-century.

There is a total of 11 rooms, each different and decorated with the work of contemporary artists, the furniture is a mixture between antique and recycled, the walls are decadent, and the courtyard, oh, that courtyard with hanging ivy on the walls...

If you´ve been following me on Snapchat during my stay in Budapest you´ve also might have seen the member´s club and its honesty bar. I mean, how cool is that? We saw the lounge area in the evening, it was empty, just the two of us, the fireplace, mismatched vintage chairs, lilies and apple-cinnamon tea... The front desk is open from 8 am to 8 pm, but you can still use the member´s club after that, that´s why it´s called the honesty bar. In the morning we had a great breakfast there with lots of fresh fruit, muesli, a cheese plate and hundreds of pictures. I couldn´t help it, i mean, no one could, really ;)

Besides, The Brody House Group also venues The Brody Apartments, Villa, Studios and ArtYard, yeap, they´re great ;)

The word hipster doesn´t even make it justice, Brody is beyond that, it´s different, eclectic, it´s,

Budapest´s multicultural bohemian hub, according to The Guardian.

My rating: 9´5

My review:

  1. Booking rating: 9´4
  2. affordable, excellent location, on a quiet street in the Jewish Quarter with great connection (tram and subway)
  3. perfectly decorated rooms, high ceilings, comfy, spacious (our room was 33m²)
  4. the heat works just great, the floor in the bathroom is heated, oh, what a great invention!
  5. cool staff


  • there is no lift or TV, you might find it bizarre at first, but it perfectly suites the atmosphere
  • the building with its magnificent marble columns used to be a doctor´s residence.
  • the tiniest room is called Eszter´s Shoe Box and it´s only 12m²
  • each room has a little bottle on the door with the name written on it

Tipp: the cheapest room is only 70 euros, but i suggest you book ours, Tinei, for 120 euros the night. It´s one of the favorites and it has this gold painted bathtub in the middle, loved it! Also great is The Print Suite for 4 people.

So, do these 2 boutique hotels have the spirit of The Grand Budapest Hotel, or what?

My goal for this trip was to write a review of the best places to stay and i hope i succeeded. The only thing is that i kinda twisted my ankle and we had to go back home earlier, although we had a reservation at a lovely place, apartment 37, from Hi5 Apartments, very close to Brody House. Hope to be back soon and try it ;)

Now, the big question? Which one do you like most? I suggest you stay in each, they´re different, but both so very awesome! I call them the B hotels (best hotels in Budapest: Baltazar and Brody)

***music video-> my talented husband

***pictures-> some he, but most of them me (iPhone 6, Lumix100)

***locations-> Baltazar Hotel, Brody House, ruin pub Szimpla Kert and the streets of Budapest

most instagrammable blossom trees in Vienna (part 2)

Viennairinah4 Comments

happy Saturday my dear reader! How was your day?

So, here is the second part of the most instagrammable blossom trees in Vienna, i´ve been willing to write this for a while now, but i had to wait till some of the trees bloomed, so that i can show them to you in pictures ;)

tREE nr 1 (Uni Campus, Altes AKH)

It´s a favorite, makes me think of a Charlotte Bronte book, where little girls run around a big tree wearing laces and nice dresses ;)

tREE nr 2 (Hainburger Weg)

The not so hidden alley anymore from Schlachthausgasse (U3) Reminds me of the sakura maddness in Japan. It´s beautiful!!

tREE nr 3 (this one is like a tongue-twister, right? say with me: "tree number three" :)

It´s another alley, called Eschenalle, there are not as many trees as at Schlachthausgasse, but it´s very sweet.

tREE nr 4 (Hertha-Firnberg-Straße, next to the Twin Towers)

It is surrounded by skyscrapers. What, in Vienna? Yes my friend, lol! It´s my little NY corner, perfect for a #strideby. Besides, it´s 2 in 1, it has pink and white blossoms, #scute!!

tREE nr 5 (Felixmottlstraße 14)

There are actually many more, and not in the same place. The 19th district it´s a hidden gem for magnolia trees. Take the tram number 38 from Nussdorferstrasse, get off at the first stop and from there to foot exploring. The houses are beautiful, you might even find an old vespa or oldimer. You can start with house number 14 on the Felixmottlstraße ;)

tREE nr 6

my all time favorite, the tree of life at Stadtpark. But i´m so sad it has already faded in the meantime that i waited for the others to bloom. Anyways, i´m sure everybody knows it.

wisteria (Palais Coburg, Coburgbastei 4)

This is a little bonus, because blossoms are almost over, i wanted to share here with you some nice wisteria i discovered today.

hope you enjoyed, what are your favorite spring spots in town?

love, i





2 foodies in Prague (part 2)


hi dear! how are you? have you ever been to Prague? not yet? Say what?? You have to, it´s beautiful. wink

Here are some tips i hope will be useful ;)

First, check the first video and blog about this trip.

Now, as i´ve already said, we´re foodies and instagrammers, so husband and i tried to mix it in the best way we could. Of course things don´t work exactly as planned, because you find unexpected nice places and get lost taking hundreds of pictures, but that´s somehow part of the magic when you travel, right?
 1. So, Sunday, our third day in Prague, didn´t start as early as we had in mind (because we got some massages, used the Spa and afterwords went to the Maharal Club at our hotel...and as you can imagine we went late to bed), but we enjoyed it a lot!
 2. Most of the streets in the city center were still quite empty and the queue to go up the Astronomical Clock Tower wasn´t that bad, i mean, we only had to wait for 15 minutes. After that it got craaazy! ("oh, crazy, but it feels all right, baby thinking of you keeps me up all night"-who remembers Britney Spears´s song? lol, sorry, but it was just say "crazy" and this popped into my mind)

Anyways, back to the Clock Tower, the opening hours are 9am-10pm, so i recommend you be there at 9 am, ok, maybe sometime before 11 am, but definitely not after that, because as i just said, the amount of people waiting in line is just crazy... (and here´s the song again, lol)

The pictures from above are worthy every minute waiting tho, really! I got dizzy ( there a song for this? somebody stop me! I´m constantly humming! ;) most of the time, but i love the panorama. Quick tip: try to use a camera with a strap, not your phone, especially when your hands are trembling, it´s not only that you can drop it, but imagine hurting somebody from the crowd, oh no! That´d be too bad!

3. After a while we went to another super touristy place, Charles Bridge, where, on the end (on the Castle side) there is a little channel with Venice vibes. We´ve already seen the castle years ago and because we didn´t have much time we skipped it and went straight to:

4. Café Misto (if you pronounce it like this: "mishtó" means "cool" in Romanian) and yes, it was such a cool, mishtó place, one of Taste of Prague´s favorite ones (and guess what, we actually met them by chance there! These people do live in coffee places. wink, Zuzi ;)

Good food, atmosphere and concrete everywhere. Minimalists would love this! I thought of you Kessara ;)

5. And last café for the day, just some stations away was Letka. It has an entirely other style, it´s more bohemian, with decadent walls, a big wooden table and a magic mirror, mirror on the wall, who´s the prettiest of them all ;)

Letka feels more like a hidden gem, in a very non touristic neighborhood, there is also a theater for children just next door..and the staff, hmm, some cool guys with tattoos and all, that give you that look when you´re taking pictures, as if they're saying: "we´re so cool and bohemian, you know, we´re above Instagram and all that social media craziness, we want to keep this place secret, that´s why we don´t have an Instagram account, dah! Why do people keep tagging us?" Because we love this place dude!! We really do ;) (i´m kidding a little bit, but maybe you just saw in the vlog above how one of the guys gives us that look ;)

And yes, if you were wondering, we skipped the castle to see these 2 coffee places, do real tourists do that? I think they sometimes should ;)

And oh, all the places we didn´t get to see.. some of them for example, the Jewish Quarter, John Lennon Wall, the Head of Franz Kafka, the National Library and cafés Maso a kobliha, Jedna, Savoy, Bistro Proti Proudu and Alchymista (this one you can actually see on our list, but because there were no time left, i chose Letka, snif).

But you know, we should always see the glass half full, so, we definitely come visit again Prague, don´t you worry about that ;)

So, that was pretty much it. As you can see on this map, we spent the day on the opposite side of Budapest.

If you´re interested and want to use this as a tiny mini instagrammer/foodie guide for Prague, here it is in PDF format: Download Guide

Everyone can look for an address, but i think one of the things a tourist struggles with is how to get somewhere? We have an offline map on our phone all the time, and husband is very good with orientation and all, believe me, but no one tells you how to get somewhere using the subway, for example, and as much as we enjoy walking, you need the public transportation from time to time.

Hope you enjoyed,

love, i

***video: husband

***pictures: me (iPhone 6 and Lumix100)





DIY embellished jeans kinda #fashionfriday


hi amigos!

as promised, here a new DIY.

I´ve wanted to do this for some weeks now, and i finally managed to, yay :)

So, all you need, yes, always ;) but besides of that also:

-mom jeans

-an old fake pearls necklace, i used an old t-shirt with embellished ones

-scissors, needle and thread

-patience, wink!

Outfit idea

  • it looks great with boxer braids, i´m so into them lately.
  • favorite item: the color block suede pumps. They´re the perfect match for a casual outfit. They give it the ladylike touch that makes it even cooler ;)

gatherings like these: Heuer am Karsplatz

Events, Coffee PlacesirinahComment

Hi dears ;)

Today, as you just saw in this video, it´s about food, so, grab something to eat, you´ve been warned ;)

Like 2 months ago (times flies!!) i had the pleasure to try the new menu at Heuer, together with some foodie Instagrammers and bloggers, and we didn´t only take hundreds of pictures, but also enjoyed some really good food.

The place is called Heuer am Karlsplatz. it´s well-designed, perfectly located, cool but also fancy at the same time. It offers a good variety of small and big dishes, some of them very creative, a weekly menu and also breakfast on weekends and festivities.

They have this urban farming concept where they use Austrian and seasonal products, some of them beautifully stored in these jars. 

From the food i tried i was quite impressed with the humus. There are only a few places in Vienna where i like it, i´m not a big fun of humus, but this one was great!! Another thing i also enjoyed was the beetroot marmelade. Yes, there is such thing! You should try it too ;)

That is pretty much it. Desserts, then salty dishes, then desserts again, laughs, pictures, filming and a sunny weekend..It´s a great place not only for the locals, but also for tourists. Also perfect in summer, in the terrace ;)

A special thanks to Ana and the Heuer team for inviting us.


  1. decor: 🍎🍎🍎🍏🍏

  2. food and drinks: 🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎

  3. variety: 🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎

  4. vegan friendly: 🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎

  5. service: 🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎

  6. location: 🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎

  7. overall: 🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎

Treitlstraße 2, 1040 Wien (next to TU)
Mo bis Fr 11:30 - 2:00 Uhr
Sa-So & festivities 10:00 - 2:00 Uhr
+43 1 890 0590 /

***video: husband

***pictures: me ;) (iPhone 6 and Lumix100)


abril, aguas mil..

#fashionfridayirinah2 Comments

..meaning, in April, it rains a lot. It´s a Spanish saying that´s actually true, especialy these next days in Vienna. So i thought a rainy outfit would do just fine here ;)

What you need: mom pants, a nice tansparent umbrella, ela, eh and a long, oversized coat.

Yes, white socks are back again, tell me about it, craaazy! But i love the way they look combined with white shoes. Ahm, and a rainy themed iPhone cover. Maybe you´ve already noticed it, i love adding a new cover with every moodboard.


  • Favorite items: the umbrella and the bra, so looking forward to getting one for this spring/summer. Little tip: the transparent umbrella is great for Instagram pictures, you wearing it, looks nice, but especially for taking #raindrops fotos through it. Makes everything look magical. Wink

Hope you liked it.

Love, i

p.s. last Friday i told you i had a little DIY project in mind, it seems i´ll postpone it, i had no time this week

grey day #fashionfriday


Hi there my dear reader, have i told you how much i appreciate you stopping by? ;)

Because today was grey compared to sunny yesterday here a suitable outfit. It´s a fifty shades of grey one, keeping it simple and casual.


  • Items i love: the sneakers and the hat
grey day

grey day by irinahp featuring Miu Miu

love, i

p.s. i have a new DIY project in mind, i hope to get it done until next #fashionfriday

most instagrammable blossom trees in Vienna (part 1)

Viennairinah5 Comments

Hi there, 

i´m eating some home made chocolate (feeling a little bit guilty, but not to much, cuz it´s vegan) enjoying the sun and the beautiful blossom trees from my balcony. Today couldn´t be prettier, we have 22 Celsius degrees in Vienna and my heart rejoices ;)

And because spring seems to finally be here, here some pictures from my favorite blossom trees locations in Vienna. Whether if you live in Vienna or are a tourist, i think they´re worth a visit.

1. The famous sakura trees from Stadtpark (closest metro station: U3, Stubentor) They´re next to the Hotel Hilton entrance and are always the first to blossom. And next to them there is this little bridge, with some white blossoms, also very photogenic. By the way, the lovely girl on the bike was posing for her boyfriend but allowed me to take some pictures too, she also agreed to put her retro white bike there when i asked her too ;)


2. Setagaya Park (i always forget its name)

It´s a hidden gem, a Japannese garden in the beautiful 19th district (you can take the tram 37. The stop is called Barawitzkagasse).  Everytime i go there i feel like in a secret garden, so serene. I sometimes get to talk to some cute old lady, there is a retirement house next to it.

The ponds and streams, the magnolia trees, the sakura, the turtles and the ducks, i love every single detail about it.


3. Sigmund Freud Park (i always write "Freund" instead of "Freud", oh, damn Daniel! ;)

Anyways, it looks like a scene of a movie, lots of students studying and surrounded by the great Votive Cathedral, Café Français and the University. There is a little magnolia plant and my favorite, a white blosom tree, right in the middle. The blossoms are huge and you can take a great picture with the Votive Church in the background.


4. And last, but not least, my secret place i told you about yesterday on Instagram. The Notting Hill looking like houses from the 19th district and the beautiful blossom trees in front of them. You´ve maybe passed by many times, because it´s a main street and from far away the houses don´t look spectacular, but if you take a closer look, you´ll find them charming. And near them, there is one of my favorite doors, with a little painted heart ;) (tram 38, bus 10A or 39 A, stop Silbergasse)

So, that was the first part. Last week i was on a mission looking for the prettiest ones, but many haven´t bloomed yet. That´s why i´ll share them in the second part.

Wishing you a nice evening! Please feel free to share with me your favorite ones ;)

love, i

p.s. by the way, when i started writing this blog i really was sitting on the balcony, enjoying the afternoon. But then i had dinner, etc and finished it in the evening ;)

***pictures: iPhone 6 and Lumix 100

2 foodies in Prague (part 1)

Travelsirinah6 Comments

hello there amigos! ;)

Hope you enjoyed our video from 2 weeks ago from beautiful Prague. And before you say it, i know, i´m a good singer, thank you ;) (haha, kidding!)

Anyways, we loved it there! It wasn´t our first trip, but this time it was unquestionably much better although it was very short notice (we actually decided it one day before) but we´re very happy that The Emblem Hotel made it happen, even if it was a busy Fashion Week there.

Besides, we got to meet the lovely guys from Taste of Prague and received their super cool Prague foodie guide, say what!?! ;)

So, this being said, i´d like to present you our own instagram/foodie tour based on when and what we saw. We stayed only one weekend, arrived on Friday at 13:30 and left on Sunday in the afternoon, our time was limited, but that didn´t stopped us from going to some of the best places in town, cuz that´s what instagrammers do, right? ;)



Immediately after leaving our luggage at The Emblem Hotel we met with Zuzi and Jan from Taste of Prague. If you´re a foodie, i´d recommend you to do the same so you can have all the best places on a map the first day, otherwise you´ll regret it :D And also don´t forget to book a foodie tour with them!

As i said before, this trip was short notice, but Prague´s well known foodies found time for us (yay!!) and took us to Eska. I was actually very curious to see where they´d take us, and they couldn´t had chosen better. I loved it there! It´s a spacious new place,  (it´ll be soon on their foodie map too), a mixture between grey urban concrete and the charm of an old bakery. And they also have old plates, like at my grandma´s, each one different. How cool is that!  There is not a single thing i didn´t like about this place. It´s also not easy to find, which makes it even more underground, like a secret urban tip in the cool Karlin district.

Yeap, that was pretty much the highlight of the first day. We walked around a little bit, it was sunny and we felt like locals, no tourists, just us, an old church and beautiful buildings. There are some more coffee places nearby, Zuzi recommended us Mujsalekkavy, just 5 minute walk from Eska.

We spent the rest of the afternoon wondering in the city centre, ate trdelnik, the most common pastry to find on Prague´s streets and enjoyed the view. In the evening had dinner at Joy Burger, because it´s a five minutes walk from the hotel and we were too tired to look for a better place.

Tip!! They do not use the Euro currency in the Czech Republic, so, if you want to change money, i would recommend an ATM/Bankomat. But never, never go to the exchange bureau just in front if the Astrological Clock in the main square, it´s a total con!! We lost 50 euros!! Still angry!


1. We had a great breakfast at The Emblem Hotel, that also included pancakes, yay, and left the room at 11 o´clock!!! I know, so late!!

2. Anyways, we took the tram number 17 (it´s a 5 minutes walk from our hotel) and went to the Dancing Building. If you have time go to their restaurant, it´s fancy, but with some crazy art details on the chairs ;)

3. And because on Saturdays there is this nice farmers market near the river and Zuzi and Jan told us we should check it out, we did. It´s right by the Dancing Building. They have home made pastries, hot cider, some traditional songs and dishes and even free hugs! Yes, i hugged Elizabeth and her boyfriend Jan cuz look how cute they are! It was cold outside but the farmers market was definitely worth it! Besides, almost no tourists ;)

4. Afterwards had my first acai bowl ever at Herbivore, just besides the river. It´s a health food café/store, the place is lovely and the staff very friendly.

5. Next stop, AnonymouS Coffee, a hip space, with Vendetta on the walls, a swing and tables made of palettes. Cool, right? And they make some great coffee art. You can get by tram there (from Herbivore) or by foot. We decided to walk, of this way you get to see more buildings, and even sneak in into some, when you see an open door. Yes, we do that from time to time.

6. Because husband loves burgers, we had to taste the best one in town, according to Taste of Prague. And guess what? They´re right! I especially loved the fried jalapeños, i´m a fan! Dish Burger Bistro is also nice, a little bit too crowded, but if you sit in the second room, next to the white windows, you might also get a very good picture. oh, and hi to Linda, our lovely waitress ;)

7. And last place was Café La Boheme. We arrived after the sunset, so i couldn´t take any decent picture, as you can see, snif! Sofas, a big space, flowers on the walls and friendly staff. They even offered to get me something else, because they thought i didn´t like my matcha. I did, but i´m really slow ;) Anyways, there are 2 big rooms, i liked the first one more, left, next to the window. The second one is maybe too much for my taste, but also looks great.

Afterwards we went back at the hotel where we had a booked massage for 2 ;) That was our day. It doesn´t seem much, but man, time flies, especially when you get up late! Anyways, i drew a little tour from our second day on a map, so you can see it. We decided to make our own tour, based on the Prague Foodie map and on the places that were pretty close to each other, so that we would´t have to walk too much.

If you stay in the city center, you just take the tram until the Jiraskuv Most Bridge and from there you can go to all the other 6 places by foot.I think it´s pretty handy.

The map below shows our own Saturday tour, it´s not a Prague Foodie map, although we actually used it for most of the places, if you also want a Foodie map from Taste of Prague, click here.

Saturday was great and Prague even better. Hope this will be useful if you travel to the Czech capital. We´re foodies, but above all instagramers, so we tried to balance good food with photogenic cafés and places. If you´re interested, stay tuned for the second part! Soon on the blog with a pdf for download too ;)

love, i

***video: husband

***pictures: me (iPhone 6 an Lumix100)