celebrating my funniest/goofiest moments of 2017, powered by Soda Stream

celebrating my funniest/goofiest moments of 2017, powered by Soda Stream

Hello everyone, i can´t believe today is the last day of the year! (insert shocked emoji right here)

I hope you´ve enjoyed this last year with you, i promise to share more content in 2018!

In this video we shared with you our trips and some really nice moments. Of course there have also been some bad and sad periods, but i guess that´s life, right? On my channels i always try to show you the positive because for me social media is almost about happy thoughts.

That´s why i´d like to show you some of my funniest/goofiest moments. I did a similar post last year and you seemed to enjoy it, so here some more snaps. I´ve always loved laughing and "hacer el tonto", goofing around would be the English expression for that, so here i go!

I teamed up with Soda Stream Österreich  to celebrate the best moments of 2017. And also for making me drink more water, yay!! Finally!! I didn´t use to like sparkling water when i arrived to Austria (everybody drinks sparkling water here) but the last 2 years i somehow discovered how good it is and since then i love it. And now i get to do my own at home with our new Soda Stream machine, crazyyy!! ;) Guess who´s drinks sparkling home made lemonade all day long. You can also add fruit syrups if you like and even make it fancy for special occasions with their sparkling gold syrup. It´s super, super easy to use and i am really happy with it, i must say. Now, tell me, what do you normally drink at home?

Now, let´s share some funny memories, shall we?

* because yes, i´m afraid of hights

* i always wear hats, true, but the times they´ve been blown away by the wind..

* my face in 99% of the pictures we take.. really...

* in Paris last September, wearing the same dress. If you look closer you´ll see i forgot to take off the price tag, yeap, embarrassing!! 

* my face when it rains, i don´t quite like that ;)

* especially when the wind breaks your umbrella

* how i look when i jump

* a very good laugh in Berlin with @_pommegranate and @tamara279 because one of us almost fell

* with cousin Matt and husband Raresh ;)

* Mango and Yellow are the cutest and funniest living beings i know

* when i don´t like any of the pictures i took

* i´m so fancy

* how i entertain Raresh at home ;)

*we were taking this couple picture when i suddenly had a foot cramp

* more pictures with this funny guy

* what i do at some events

* and how i pose at others, lol

* Instagram versus real life,quite different sometimes, huh? ;)

* in between shots :D

* i don´t remember why i was laughing here, the important thing is that i was wearing this beautiful Lena Hoschek gown!! wink

* people always ask me to take pictures of them, happy to help ;)

* and talking about taking pictures, this is how i usually look behind the camera :D

So, that is it, i really hope you enjoyed this!!

thanks again to Soda Stream for the sparkling gold!

chin chin and happy new 2018!!!!



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