my new year resolutions

my new year resolutions

Hello everyone and happy, happy new year!!

i hope you had a nice 2017 and that you´ll have an even better 2018!

my year was all in one, great, challenging, hard, sad, happy, interesting...everything but boring or bad. It was rather a good year, with ups and downs, yes, but mostly wonderful on so many levels.

Now, let´s talk some serious s*** here ;) Who´s having new resolutions this year? Or even better, did you keep last years resolutions or not so much?

You know, if you look it up on Google, the most popular new year´s resolution is "stay fit and healthy"

So i guess i´m with the majority here, one of the most challenging things last year was to get in shape. I somehow didn´t do it for the first 6 months..because you know...there is always an excuse for it, but then decided to join the Holmes Place gym in fall and i was like, wow, i finally get to do this!

What i most loved about their whole concept was that they accompany you on your journey on becoming fit. And that was exactly what i needed: a journey, so this is how i started:

  • i first talked to a nutrition expert that asked me about my goals, eating habits, etc. She also did a bodyscan, took my measurements and analyzed my metabolic age. Oh, and here i have to mention that my metabolic age is 17!!! 17 years old, can you believe that? (insert proud emoji here ;) 
  • after that i also got to train with coach Ness. Both Raresh and me loved him!! He´s not only super cool, but he knows a lot about nutrition and exercise. He did push me a little, but i suppose that´s what coaches do? -> he´s right behind us in the picture below :D Also, if you want to see one of our sessions with him, check out this video 

Anyways, i tried to go as often as i could, but there were some trips and projects that made it a little bit difficult in the beginning and then, in November and December i had some health problems and couldn´t go, so yes, i´m very frustrated that i couldn´t really entirely do it.

That´s why "getting fit" is on my 2018 list AGAIN! (like for the last 10 years, i think, lol...hashtag not proud.. ;) I really hope to finally do it right this year and be better than yesterday, like the Holmes Place motto ;) Oh, oh i also promise to take a before and after picture and then show you both (that only in case there is a difference between them, of course :D) Now, let´s get that summer body, shall we? ;) 

Here my other new year resolutions, because training and exercise are not the only goals on my list, you know? :

  • see how creative i can get. I´ve always thought that i would be pretty good at a creative job, but here i am, doing what i love and still not very satisfied with my creativity level. I believe/hope i can do more.
  • and also related to creativity, make even a better team with Raresh! Make more videos and projects together... One of my biggest dreams has always been working with him on something we love and i still pinch myself from time to time because i can´t believe that is really happening!
  • cool projects for special occasions, like St Valentine´s for instance..we might do something nice for the 14th of February...just saying... ;)
  • getting s*** done, and by that i mean fast and on time, not like in 2017...#notproud
  • travel to all those places on my list: Marrakesh, NY and oh so many more
  • make my family proud and be there for them when/if they need me
  • get rid of all the insecurities and fears i have (i used to be very positive some years ago, need to bring that back asap)
  • be a better wife/girlfriend to @me_and_mango <3
  • be a better person. I would like to use my social media accounts to inspire others not only visually, but also on how we see the world..

That would be it..i guess i want to be happy, make myself proud and be good to others. That´s how i´d love to live my know?

So, tell me, are there any goals you´d like to share here? ;)



p.s. i keep in shape during our shootings, lol




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