where to: my top travel destinations for 2018

where to: my top travel destinations for 2018

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Today it´s about my top travel destinations for this year. I made a list with all of them and i´d like to share them with you here. Some are an exotic, far, far away island, others my favorite cities and most of them are those photogenic and instagrammble places i haven´t visited yet.

But before that, just a little problem i have:

Story of my life...

So, i once went on this 3 days trip with my class at the beginning of the new school year (don´t quite remember which year, but i must´ve been around 15-16 years old). I knew the trip was short so i packed 3 outfits, one for each day and my pajama. That was all. Biggest mistake! It was there where i learnt that you always have to bring a little more than just what you need. But of course that leads to another problem..you don´t have enough space!

That´s why suitcases are so important! They need to:

  • be spacious
  • light
  • efficient

Especially if they´re a carry-on.

That´s why i´m super excited to have partnered up with Bugaboo to promote their new Bugaboo Boxer designed by We Are Handsome. I like the fashionable touch to their system. Plus, unlike other suitcases i´ve had until now, it has this versatile system, great for heavy packers like me that pack 35 outfits for the weekend ;) Apart from the push and pull function, what i most like about the Boxer is the detachable laptop sleeve called the "organiser". Can´t wait to try their whole luggage system soon!

To match the new fierce design we had a shooting in our Vienna jungle. Oh, you didn´t think we had a jungle here? Why would you think that!!? wink

I hope you liked the pictures ;)

Now, back to my top destinations:

  • the Amalfi Coast. I want us to rent an oldtimer and pretend to be an Italian couple. I´ll even cover my hair with a scarf á la Monica Bellucci ;)
    • Instagram radar: very in, i think all fashion bloggers visited it this last summer ;)
  • Morocco. If you are into color, tiles and doors, like we are, Marocco is the place to be. And oh, those fruit marktes...
    • Instagram radar: also very in. It is getting more and more popular by day
  • Portugal. Can you believe i lived so many years in Spain and never got to visit Portugal? 
    • Instagram radar: same! It wasn´t that in on Instagram some years ago, but now it´s a must ;)
  • Amsterdam: been there twice already, but can´t wait to visit again
    • Instagram radar: Amsterdam is one of the top places to visit this year. very loved on our beloved app
  • Rome: one of my favorite cities in the world
  • Instagram radar: contrary to Amsterdam, Rome is not as popular as it used to be 3 years ago, but i don´t care, i´ll always love it
  • Paris: also one of my favorites
    • Instagram radar: maybe most the instagrammble city of all times.
  • London: the perfect city, really. It has so much to offer!
    • Instagram radar: awesome! Yo go there in spring, take some pictures with the magnolia trees in front of a house with a pink door and a perfectly parked oldtimer and you´ll gonna be "instafamous" ;)


  • NY: never been, but i already love it..i think we all do, i mean...FRIENDS, Sex and the City..those series made us fell in love with it
    • Instagram radar: but despite of that, NY is not as loved on insta as it used to be some years ago. The yellow cabs are still a hit though ;)
  • Bali: i think the main reason i want to go there is the smoothie bowls. I know i can also get them here in Vienna..but everyone says food in Bali is the best...besides, Raresh wants to go so...
    • Instagram radar: very popular, although i think it can be challenging for someone that doesn´t share bikini or smoothie bowls pictures.
  • New Zeeland: never been, but i recently discovered why i want to go: there are no snakes or other poisonous animals, yay!!! My problem with all these exotic places like Bali, for example, is that there are snakes and i don´t know what could happen if i see one (insert crazy emoji here)
    • Instagram radar: it is not on the radar, no. Maybe for the nature accounts. If you go, make sure you go between September-February to see the lupin fields.
  • Cuba: it takes you back in time and i love that
    • Instagram radar: Cuba is like candy wonderland on insta right now, because...

Havana, ooh na-na

Half of my heart is in Havana, ooh-na-na

Now you´re going to sing it all day long, aren´t you? ;)

* outfit details:

  • skirt from H&M-> it is on sales and now i regret i didn´t wait! see here
  • cardigan from-> Woolnomads. see here
  • bumbag from Loavies. see here
  • hat from H&M
  • boots from Zara

* all pictures by Raresh and me

* sponsored by Bugaboo






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