10 reasons to never, ever visit Budapest

10 reasons to never, ever visit Budapest

"i´m sure there is a story about this black tower" he says..

so, this is the story:

A long time ago there lived a young girl called Red Riding Hood..ups! Sorry, that´s another fairy tale ;)

1. I actually did a whole research looking for an answer, and after that i can say that Matthias Church is also known as Our Lady and it was built originally in romanesque style, then rebuilt as Gothic and after that, in Turkish times, it changed and was used as the main mosque. Anyways, i know all that, but not what the tower was used for, if it´s part of the old church, or of the restored one..i can´t seem to find it anywere! So, it´s decided, this is the first reason to never go to Budapest, because nobody tells us the story of this black tower!! ;)

2. Another reason, and very important one is that huge parliament! Did you know it´s the third largest parliament in the whole word? I mean, what a waste, right?

3. The same about the other main tourist attractions and important buildings, like Fisherman´s Bastion, Matthias Church, Buda Castle, and so on! They´re far from being elegant or whatsoever!

4. And talking about architecture, have you ever heard of the Budapest Art Nouveau? Such a boring story, i know! Meaning "New Art" in French, it is a popular art style between 1890 and 1910, also known as Jugendstil or Modernisme. And apparently there are many buildings like this in the Hungarian capital.

5. Oh, the ruin bars! Don´t get me started! They´re hidden gems, original and  full of recycled objects, like an old car or bathtub in Szimpla Kert. Who´s idea was it, to transform them in a hipster, psychedelic and success formula for both local and international Budapest night life?

6. Have you ever had coffee in Budapest? The places suck, right? Like big time! You could walk for hours without finding a decent coffee place. We visited Kiosk. Huge lamps, deers, macarons and flowers, disgusting, i know! If you still want to go, don´t ever try the homemade lemonade! ;) Same with Ramenka and Goamama. It would be a waste of time to eat their delicious big bowl ramen soups or enjoy a creamy cake.

7. Hmmm, what else, what could you convince to not visit the city? Oh yes, i remembered, there is this huge basilica, St Stephen´s Basilica that looks a lot, like almost identical with the one from Vaticano.

8. And as if this wasn´t enough, you can have an amorino gelato in this little place just on the corner. These people, they have flower shaped ice cream, ya, right, like that´s a thing!

9. All the old timers beautifully parked on the street are another reason to hate it! Some of them are forgotten and will stay there for years.

10. And last, but not least, the hotels, yes, not a single one that i liked, not even Baltazar Hotel and Brody House. If you want to see pictures of them and convince yourself of how awful they are, go check my last blogpost from Budapest. ;)

Yes, that´s pretty much it. We saw beautiful buildings, blossom trees and got lost on narrow, cobblestone streets..so happy we only stayed for 2 days! Not going again any time soon ;)

p.s.1 please note, this is all ironic and sarcastic, look at it in reverse, if you want (ahm, and try to read this sentence very fast, that the ones at the end of pharmaceutic adds, you know what i mean?

p.s.2 i´ll soon write another article on Budapest that´ll also include a pdf travel guide ;)

love, i

***vlog: husband

***pictures and text: me (iPhone 6)



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