my Dubai guide

my Dubai guide

hello everyone, long time no see (i somehow always begin like this, which makes me realize i should post more often... ;)

Anyways, today it´s all about glorious Dubai, one of the top travel destinations lately (especially in the Instagram word)

But first of all, did you like the video? Did you see those cute camels? One really fell asleep on my cute is that??!! ;) So, if i had to choose, my favorite part was definitely the desert (of course our guide mentioned that there are snakes and scorpions there...he mentioned it right before we got off the car..i knew that...dah!! It´s the desert, that´s where snakes live... but, was there need to be reminded of it? No!!!! Hello!!!!)

But now let´s go back to those cute camels, shall we?

Here some fun facts about camels in Dubai:

1. First thing: did you know that most of the camels are exported from Australia?? Say what? I didn´t even know there were camels in Australia.

2. this one is my favorite: there are camels hospitals where they are being taken care of. We saw one from the distance.

3. There are also special camel taxis...

4. And in case you find number 3 funny, wait for this!!! There are camel beauty contests!!

5. And last and most interesting one: there are camel races. They are  very popular activity among UAE community members. Maybe you´ve heard of them, but what you might not know is that instead of human jockeys, there are robot jockeys. Oh, if you don´t believe me, here some pictures ;)

Now back to the desert...You know that image you conjure up in your mind when hearing the word “desert”, well, it is exactly that... a vast, never ending feels surreal.

 I loved the dusk, the red sand that got everywhere (in the camera lens, in my mouth, hair, fact i think i might even have some left in one of my kimono pockets) the camels (more than the ride itself, petting and talking to them), seeing the wild Arabian Oryx (had never seen one before) and the great Bedouin food at the Safari camp. I might´ve had the best lentil soup ever (and i don´t even like lentil soup ;)

My friend Lidia (Lidia, if you read this, "hola guapa!") who lives in Dubai told me she and her husband go almost every weekend to the desert. It gives her peace.

So yes, if you ever visit Dubai, book a Desert Safari. There are different companies organizing it and most of them include early morning hot air balloon rides, camel rides, dinner at the Bedouin camp, etc. Also, did you know you can sandboard in the desert? Say what??? I didn´t even know that was a thing ;)

But the desert activities are not the only fun things in Dubai. Most people think Dubai is only for shopping. Well, they do have every single shop there is, true, but there is so much more to do there.

Visit Dubai sent me a long list with different activities and i chose some of my favorites. Plus, i added the spots i liked more from our own itinerary and made this Dubai guide pdf for you. Download it here.

There are also some helpful tips and good to know things.

Hope you like it ;) 

p.s. it was extremely difficult to write "desert" instead of "dessert"...such a struggle ;)

*sponsored by Visit Dubai




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