Luberon, the heart of Provence (+ free pdf guide)

Luberon, the heart of Provence (+ free pdf guide)

first of all...let me clarify something: there is this scene where i talk to a cat and instead of calling it "chat i say "chien" (meaning "dog") was obviously a mistake everyone! After more that ten years of French in school, i know those words. You believe me, don´t you? ;)

That being clarified, i now can move on... lol

Now, for those who don´t know, Provence is a region in the south of France that includes many cities, villages, vineyards, hills and mountains. One of its best features is that it remains overwhelmingly provençal, which makes it very authentic. Luberon, the area i am writing about right now, is one of the biggest in Provence, it is central, that´s why it´s called coeur de Provence (coeur meaning heart) and has three of the most beautiful villages in the entire France: Gordes, Lourmarin and Ménerbes.

We visited it at the end of April which is usually a nice weather, but of course it had to rain when we were there.. our luck...  ;) Besides, i only brought short summer dresses, so i had to put almost everything i had on, in order not to freeze. But even though, i must say it was very charming.

  • What i liked most: the pitoresque villages, our bike ride, the poppy fields and the food, especially the bread and the locally grown fruits and vegetables. Oh, and the cottage we stayed at, loved it!
  • When is the best time to visit, you may ask. Well, June and September. The end of June is not peak season yet and the lavender fields will already be very colorful. During the month of September to beginning of October is certainly one of the magical times to vacation in Provence. There are lots of festivals and markets celebrating the harvest and villa rental prices drop significantly, besides, the landscape is beautiful, the temperatures are warm and there are no tourist crowds. 

Most people go in summer for the lavender fields, but you can find something different almost every summer month:

  • cherries orchards everywhere. (end of May-July) The cherry harvest began shortly after we left, you have no idea how sad i was ;)
  • poppie fields (end of April)
  • strawberries (end of April until the beginning of June). Some villages celebrate the Fete de la Fraise (The strawberry festival)
  • fields of lavender (June to August)
  • fields of sunflowers (July)
  • grape harvest (September to October)
  • olive and chestnut picking (autumn)

The Luberon area has not only great food and some of the most beautiful villages in France, but there is also so much you can do in nature. Bike riding, hiking and lots of festivities.

So, that´s pretty much it, i hope you enjoyed our video and my tips here. For those interested i also made a pdf travel guide for a 3 days stay in the Luberon area including where to stay and places to visit. It´s free for download.

Thanks a lot for reading.







Avignon, this charming little town in Provence

Avignon, this charming little town in Provence