a Cinque Terre Guide

a Cinque Terre Guide

now, how many times did you hear the name "Guido"? lol...quite a few, i fear ;) That´s because we were excited to go on a fisherman´s boat. But yes, we were overdressed, not only for the boat ride, but also for our day trip hike. I guess our suitcases were too small to fit in some tracking clothes ;)

So, i really hope you enjoyed our first vlog from the area.

As for myself, i am a bella vita, Italian life lover and Cinque Terre was beyond charming. I will always love those cute villages.

And because this was actually our second time there, i thought of putting together some misconceptions and a small guide with tips in collaboration with Entdecke Italien for all those who might be interested.

MISCONCEPTIONS about Cinque Terre

  • first, and maybe the most common one, is that Cinque Terre is just one place. It is not! In fact, translated from Italian, it means five lands. Cinque Terre is the name given to the region that includes 5 villages, which names are: Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso. The region is also a National Park and a UNESCO World Heritage.

  • so, when you want to book a hotel, for example, don´t look for one in Cinque Terre, but for a location in one of the 5 villages

  • Oh, you´re in love and want to walk the VIA DELL´AMORE, sorry for the bad news, but it is closed until further notice. We are very happy it was open the first time we visited ;)

And last, but not least, 3 pdfs for download that might be useful:

- pdf with more tips and my Cinque Terre guide

- pdf with more useful information, including a map (information provided by the lovely people from the Cinque Terre National Park)

- pdf with some nice places to eat and to stay (information provided by the lovely people from the Cinque Terre National Park)

Now, did i cry when we left Cinque Terre? Maybe.. ;)

- trank you ENIT for all the tips and especially for making this possible

- all pictures are taken by me or husband with either our iPhones or Canon EOS 70D (#canondeutschland)

Cinque Terre now and then

Cinque Terre now and then

my Valentine (photo challenge)

my Valentine (photo challenge)