Berlin part 2 and 25 hours Hotels

Berlin part 2 and 25 hours Hotels

You know, instagramers have been accused of taking the most non touristic pictures because they focus on what they like and forget the city landmarks. For example, if you go to Rome, instead of shooting the Colosseum, the Forum Romano or the Pantheon, you photograph random bikes and the Fiat500, gelatos, narrow streets and maybe the spiral staircase at the Vatican Museum. Not to talk about some fashion bloggers, that´ll only show you a selfie with their face and somewhere, way in the background a little corner of the Trevi Fountain.

Well, i did the same in Berlin, not the selfie part, because i´m not that narcissistic, but the focusing one. We actually spent one and a half day there, most of the time at the hotel, the rest in cafés, no Berlin Wall, no Brandenburg Gate, nada! Yeap, guilty as charged, but we had a reason, you know? Those who have read the first Berlin part already know that it rained the whole time!

So, because i want to keep it simple and because, as i just said, we spent many hours at the hotel, i´m gonna write this post about Bikini Berlin and the other 25 Hours Hotels we´ve stayed at in other occasions.

25 Hours Hotel Bikini Berlin, open for monkey business ;)

Why would you leave the hotel when it´s Zoo themed and makes you feel like an adventurous tourist in an urban jungle? Besides, it is just in front of the real Zoo and you can look at some of the animals from a tenth floor while having breakfast at the Neni restaurant, pretty cool, yes, pretty cool... Situated near the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, the hotel with its Monkey Bar, Bakery and Restaurant Neni, is definitely not only City West´s most hip place, but one of Berlin´s too. Ahm, and we had a bike in hour room that we could´ve also used outside, if it hadn´t rained.

25 Hours Hotel Zürich West, come as you are

The rooms and suites in the hotel are called "silver", "gold" and "platinum", the last one being also the more expensive. At the entrance, before even getting to reception, there is a huge ping-pong table. Say what? (Not that i´m good at it, but i find it cool). On the floor you can read "Run, forrest, run.."

The hotel is located near Zürich´s main train station in Kreis 5 or Zürich West, a young area where you can find plenty of good food spots. 

A little detail thou, the bathroom has a transparent wall, like a window separating it from the room. You feel quite observed, i must say..

25 Hours Hotel Vienna, we are all mad here

It is located in the city center, right next to the National Theater and Museumsquartier and is my favorite so far. The building was a students dormitory, i still remember one summer telling my husband they should renovate the building, and as if they had listened, they actually did.

The hotel is circus themed, the bedrooms walls are colorful, each room is different mixing some modern, retro and even vintage details. My favorite design is the grey wall. The best rooms are the XL and the panorama ones. If i had to choose, i´d go with the first one. The main "attraction" in the XL rooms is that there´s a bathtub in the balcony, yes! And you can use it, it´s not just a decoration. The panorama rooms might have a wall only made of glass, but imagine taking a bath on the balcony. Don´t worry, it´s safe, nobody will see you ;) Only the neighbors, kidding!

Some years ago my friend invited us for her birthday at the top terrace from the hotel, she was turning 25. See the connection here? ;) And since then i love this place so much that we´ve celebrated husband´s birthday twice already sleeping for a night and feeling like tourists again. And talking about birthday, the top terrace has an adjacent place you can rent for a private event.

Altogether there are five 25 Hours Hotels, so 2 more on my wishlist! They are hip, they have sauna, fitness, free Mini and bike rental, the rooms are personalized, each one different and the bathtubs... but i already told you how much i love them ;)

Another thing i love is the good food, 25 Hours Hotels have cool bakeries, bars and restaurants. Nothing better than waking up to a big breakfast buffet! At 25 Hours Zürich West und Bikini Berlin you can find the Neni food! Have i mentioned that they make the best humus? About this favorite restaurant and also about Café House of Wonders (featured in the video) i'll write soon. 

Thank you so much for reading, 

love, i

***pictures: me (iPhone only-gold ;)

***video: husband (goPro Hero 3+ silver)

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