instagram couple goals (Cluse GIVEAWAY!-closed)

instagram couple goals (Cluse GIVEAWAY!-closed)


The giveaway is now closed, the winner is Simona! Congrats gurl!!! 

Thank you to everyone for joining, there´ll be more soon ;)


oh, you´re only here for the giveaway? Busted! ;)

You have to read everything first and after that i´ll tell you how to participate (or you just scroll down... ;) lol

Today is the last day of January and Valentine´s almost here. I don´t know if you´re into that (i wasn´t until Instagram made me..."look what you made me do" (the song? Taylor Swift, anybody?)

So, either you celebrate it or not, i would like to talk to you about Instagram couples. We did a cool shooting for Cluse for their Valentine´s campaign and now we´re on their website and i want to celebrate it! yay!

Because "instagram couple goals"  seems to be a hot topic lately, here are my thoughts:

  • all #couplegoals pictures on Instagram are staged! all of them! There isn´t anybody following you with a camera just to capture that tender, spontaneous smile ;)
  • now, even if the shooting is staged, that doesn´t make it fake! Staged and fake are not synonyms. I think we sometimes forget that. We might dress up, wear make up (only me though, Raresh not ;) and pretend to eat a pizza on a beautiful summer day in Venice, but the joy, the laugh and the pizza are still real. Some shootings are super fun...
  • others aren´t entirely fun. Think about this: none of us is photogenic, or just say none of us has found his Schokoladenseite yet, meaning, we still haven´t found our best angle, lol! 
  • but pictures aren´t only about being photogenic, there is so much more: 
    • poses
    • outfits
    • they have to tell a story
    • featuring the product we advertise (in case the shooting is for a sponsored collaboration)
    • finding the location. If the shooting is outside, there might be people passing by or starring at you. See the man in the background? ;)


    • not to talk about the weather factor. That exact day you were planing on taking pictures outside it starts raining or it is very cold or too windy..
    • the light plays an important role too. Winter is always challenging because the day are so short.
  • some of you might think it is all easy peasy, but it is really least for us, i don´t know about others. ;)
  • now, what do you do on those bad shooting days? I´ve been mad a few times (actually lots of times, sorry husband!) and that´s a no go! You need a lot of patience for a #couplegoals picture, even if it doesn´t always turn out the way you want it, the shootings should be mostly fun.

By the way, if you´d like to see some behind the scenes of one of our recent shootings, watch this video:

You will now ask "and why are you telling us this?" Because sometimes i have the feeling that Instagram, besides inspiring us, can also make us jealous.  So remember:

  • having nice couple pictures on social media doesn´t say anything about your relationship
  • if somebody doesn´t show his/her partner on insta, that doesn´t mean that person is not in a great relationship! Some people just want to keep it private.
  • we shouldn´t even talk about #goals. Who´s goals? 
  • if somebody has a perfectly curated life:
    • it might not be that perfect
    • and even if it is...
    • that´s their kind of perfect, it doesn´t have to be yours
  • don´t idealize social media couples but don´t judge them too hard either. Just look at them as creators that make visible stories.

I am both a creator and a follower. I am happy to share my visual stories with you but i also feel frustrated and a tiny, little jealous (sometimes more that that, yes, i confess) when i look at other accounts, so all these thoughts are firstly for me, to remind myself to create my own kind of magic, not recreate or envy someone else´s. We don´t have to be all bloggers or travel the world in order to be happy. What we post on social media only shows some aspects of our lives, it doesn´t describe us entirely.

Tell me, does this make sense to you? ;)


Now, to celebrate our Valentine´s campaign with Cluse, i would like to give one lucky winner:

* 1 Cluse watch

* 1 Cluse necklace


to join the giveaway:

1.      ask Raresh and me a question in the comments below. We would like to do a Q&A vlog (Questions and answers) soon and would like to know your questions. Like for example "how did we meet", etc..

·             The giveaway runs until Sunday, the 4th of February and i will announce the winner on Monday.

·             there is only one winner, who will win both a watch and a necklace

-> please see the rest of the rules here <-

wishing you all the luck!

Now, hit us with your questions ;)

* sponsored by Cluse







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