nice to see you, Nice...

nice to see you, Nice...´s all about pronunciation ;)

So, it´s has been a while from our trip to the sounth of France, sorry for writing this guide so late (insert guilty emoji right here)

So, Nice...let´s i remember this city?

Very charming, some buildings remind me of Colonial times (not that i lived in those time, from what i´ve seen in movies, you know? ;). It is a mixture between French and Italian, Paris and some lovely Italian village.

We met our friend Alicia there and she showed us a little bit around because she has a holiday apartment there and knows the city pretty well. We went to the flower market together and bought the biggest, most beautiful and also cheapest ranunculus bouquet ever!! Oh, and i´ve also might have eaten one of my favorite pizzas there. I´m super picky when it comes to pizza, really have to believe me. The place is called Bar du coin.

I also happen to know a lovely instagrammer friend there and we had this French breakfast at this very French café (i don´t know why i keep saying French all the time, Nice is located in France, so that should be normal. But i want to emphasize how charming everything is. That´s what i mean by "French" ;)

So, my recommendations for a  day in the city are:

  • breakfast at Boulangerie Patisserie Jeannot
  • visit the flower market (fruits, vegetables and flowers market on the Cours Saleya (Tuesday to Sunday mornings, flea market on Mondays)
  • have lunch at Bar du coin, 2 rue Droite, 06300 Nice. The pizzas are fresh, thin and very crunchy, exactly how i like them
  • go to Parc Phoenix (There are some flamingos)
  • swim in the sea in the afternoon and after that go watch the sunset on the hill next to the beach
  • take a picture with the the giant #ilovenice hashtag ;)
  • have a picnick dinner at the beach

Don´t miss Menton. The following day, before heading towards Cannes and Marseille, i would drive to Menton. It is a very colorful and instagram perfect town. We didn´t make it there cuz our schedule was very busy and now i regret it! I blame Raresh for not listening to me ;)

These are my personal recommendations because we only stayed a day, but the lovely people behind Nice Tourisme made me a list. So this is my free Nice travel guide pdf with both mine and their recommendations. I hope you find it useful.

Some interesting facts about Nice:

  1. it is the capital of the French Riviera
  2. before 1860 Nice was part of Italy (see, that´s why it reminded me of Italy!! ;)
  3. The city was founded in the 4th century BC by the Greeks. It was called Nice to honour Nike, the goddess of victory.

Now, my dear reader, tell me, have you ever visited the city? Tell me ;)



* in friendly cooperation with @urlaubinfrankreich and @nicetourisme

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