2 foodies in Prague (part 1)

2 foodies in Prague (part 1)

hello there amigos! ;)

Hope you enjoyed our video from 2 weeks ago from beautiful Prague. And before you say it, i know, i´m a good singer, thank you ;) (haha, kidding!)

Anyways, we loved it there! It wasn´t our first trip, but this time it was unquestionably much better although it was very short notice (we actually decided it one day before) but we´re very happy that The Emblem Hotel made it happen, even if it was a busy Fashion Week there.

Besides, we got to meet the lovely guys from Taste of Prague and received their super cool Prague foodie guide, say what!?! ;)

So, this being said, i´d like to present you our own instagram/foodie tour based on when and what we saw. We stayed only one weekend, arrived on Friday at 13:30 and left on Sunday in the afternoon, our time was limited, but that didn´t stopped us from going to some of the best places in town, cuz that´s what instagrammers do, right? ;)



Immediately after leaving our luggage at The Emblem Hotel we met with Zuzi and Jan from Taste of Prague. If you´re a foodie, i´d recommend you to do the same so you can have all the best places on a map the first day, otherwise you´ll regret it :D And also don´t forget to book a foodie tour with them!

As i said before, this trip was short notice, but Prague´s well known foodies found time for us (yay!!) and took us to Eska. I was actually very curious to see where they´d take us, and they couldn´t had chosen better. I loved it there! It´s a spacious new place,  (it´ll be soon on their foodie map too), a mixture between grey urban concrete and the charm of an old bakery. And they also have old plates, like at my grandma´s, each one different. How cool is that!  There is not a single thing i didn´t like about this place. It´s also not easy to find, which makes it even more underground, like a secret urban tip in the cool Karlin district.

Yeap, that was pretty much the highlight of the first day. We walked around a little bit, it was sunny and we felt like locals, no tourists, just us, an old church and beautiful buildings. There are some more coffee places nearby, Zuzi recommended us Mujsalekkavy, just 5 minute walk from Eska.

We spent the rest of the afternoon wondering in the city centre, ate trdelnik, the most common pastry to find on Prague´s streets and enjoyed the view. In the evening had dinner at Joy Burger, because it´s a five minutes walk from the hotel and we were too tired to look for a better place.

Tip!! They do not use the Euro currency in the Czech Republic, so, if you want to change money, i would recommend an ATM/Bankomat. But never, never go to the exchange bureau just in front if the Astrological Clock in the main square, it´s a total con!! We lost 50 euros!! Still angry!


1. We had a great breakfast at The Emblem Hotel, that also included pancakes, yay, and left the room at 11 o´clock!!! I know, so late!!

2. Anyways, we took the tram number 17 (it´s a 5 minutes walk from our hotel) and went to the Dancing Building. If you have time go to their restaurant, it´s fancy, but with some crazy art details on the chairs ;)

3. And because on Saturdays there is this nice farmers market near the river and Zuzi and Jan told us we should check it out, we did. It´s right by the Dancing Building. They have home made pastries, hot cider, some traditional songs and dishes and even free hugs! Yes, i hugged Elizabeth and her boyfriend Jan cuz look how cute they are! It was cold outside but the farmers market was definitely worth it! Besides, almost no tourists ;)

4. Afterwards had my first acai bowl ever at Herbivore, just besides the river. It´s a health food café/store, the place is lovely and the staff very friendly.

5. Next stop, AnonymouS Coffee, a hip space, with Vendetta on the walls, a swing and tables made of palettes. Cool, right? And they make some great coffee art. You can get by tram there (from Herbivore) or by foot. We decided to walk, of this way you get to see more buildings, and even sneak in into some, when you see an open door. Yes, we do that from time to time.

6. Because husband loves burgers, we had to taste the best one in town, according to Taste of Prague. And guess what? They´re right! I especially loved the fried jalapeños, i´m a fan! Dish Burger Bistro is also nice, a little bit too crowded, but if you sit in the second room, next to the white windows, you might also get a very good picture. oh, and hi to Linda, our lovely waitress ;)

7. And last place was Café La Boheme. We arrived after the sunset, so i couldn´t take any decent picture, as you can see, snif! Sofas, a big space, flowers on the walls and friendly staff. They even offered to get me something else, because they thought i didn´t like my matcha. I did, but i´m really slow ;) Anyways, there are 2 big rooms, i liked the first one more, left, next to the window. The second one is maybe too much for my taste, but also looks great.

Afterwards we went back at the hotel where we had a booked massage for 2 ;) That was our day. It doesn´t seem much, but man, time flies, especially when you get up late! Anyways, i drew a little tour from our second day on a map, so you can see it. We decided to make our own tour, based on the Prague Foodie map and on the places that were pretty close to each other, so that we would´t have to walk too much.

If you stay in the city center, you just take the tram until the Jiraskuv Most Bridge and from there you can go to all the other 6 places by foot.I think it´s pretty handy.

The map below shows our own Saturday tour, it´s not a Prague Foodie map, although we actually used it for most of the places, if you also want a Foodie map from Taste of Prague, click here.

Saturday was great and Prague even better. Hope this will be useful if you travel to the Czech capital. We´re foodies, but above all instagramers, so we tried to balance good food with photogenic cafés and places. If you´re interested, stay tuned for the second part! Soon on the blog with a pdf for download too ;)

love, i

***video: husband

***pictures: me (iPhone 6 an Lumix100)






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