2 foodies in Prague (part 2)

2 foodies in Prague (part 2)

hi dear! how are you? have you ever been to Prague? not yet? Say what?? You have to, it´s beautiful. wink

Here are some tips i hope will be useful ;)

First, check the first video and blog about this trip.

Now, as i´ve already said, we´re foodies and instagrammers, so husband and i tried to mix it in the best way we could. Of course things don´t work exactly as planned, because you find unexpected nice places and get lost taking hundreds of pictures, but that´s somehow part of the magic when you travel, right?
 1. So, Sunday, our third day in Prague, didn´t start as early as we had in mind (because we got some massages, used the Spa and afterwords went to the Maharal Club at our hotel...and as you can imagine we went late to bed), but we enjoyed it a lot!
 2. Most of the streets in the city center were still quite empty and the queue to go up the Astronomical Clock Tower wasn´t that bad, i mean, we only had to wait for 15 minutes. After that it got craaazy! ("oh, crazy, but it feels all right, baby thinking of you keeps me up all night"-who remembers Britney Spears´s song? lol, sorry, but it was just say "crazy" and this popped into my mind)

Anyways, back to the Clock Tower, the opening hours are 9am-10pm, so i recommend you be there at 9 am, ok, maybe sometime before 11 am, but definitely not after that, because as i just said, the amount of people waiting in line is just crazy... (and here´s the song again, lol)

The pictures from above are worthy every minute waiting tho, really! I got dizzy (dizzy...is there a song for this? somebody stop me! I´m constantly humming! ;) most of the time, but i love the panorama. Quick tip: try to use a camera with a strap, not your phone, especially when your hands are trembling, it´s not only that you can drop it, but imagine hurting somebody from the crowd, oh no! That´d be too bad!

3. After a while we went to another super touristy place, Charles Bridge, where, on the end (on the Castle side) there is a little channel with Venice vibes. We´ve already seen the castle years ago and because we didn´t have much time we skipped it and went straight to:

4. Café Misto (if you pronounce it like this: "mishtó" means "cool" in Romanian) and yes, it was such a cool, mishtó place, one of Taste of Prague´s favorite ones (and guess what, we actually met them by chance there! These people do live in coffee places. wink, Zuzi ;)

Good food, atmosphere and concrete everywhere. Minimalists would love this! I thought of you Kessara ;)

5. And last café for the day, just some stations away was Letka. It has an entirely other style, it´s more bohemian, with decadent walls, a big wooden table and a magic mirror, mirror on the wall, who´s the prettiest of them all ;)

Letka feels more like a hidden gem, in a very non touristic neighborhood, there is also a theater for children just next door..and the staff, hmm, some cool guys with tattoos and all, that give you that look when you´re taking pictures, as if they're saying: "we´re so cool and bohemian, you know, we´re above Instagram and all that social media craziness, we want to keep this place secret, that´s why we don´t have an Instagram account, dah! Why do people keep tagging us?" Because we love this place dude!! We really do ;) (i´m kidding a little bit, but maybe you just saw in the vlog above how one of the guys gives us that look ;)

And yes, if you were wondering, we skipped the castle to see these 2 coffee places, do real tourists do that? I think they sometimes should ;)

And oh, all the places we didn´t get to see.. some of them for example, the Jewish Quarter, John Lennon Wall, the Head of Franz Kafka, the National Library and cafés Maso a kobliha, Jedna, Savoy, Bistro Proti Proudu and Alchymista (this one you can actually see on our list, but because there were no time left, i chose Letka, snif).

But you know, we should always see the glass half full, so, we definitely come visit again Prague, don´t you worry about that ;)

So, that was pretty much it. As you can see on this map, we spent the day on the opposite side of Budapest.

If you´re interested and want to use this as a tiny mini instagrammer/foodie guide for Prague-> Download Guide

Everyone can look for an address, but i think one of the things a tourist struggles with is how to get somewhere? We have an offline map on our phone all the time, and husband is very good with orientation and all, believe me, but no one tells you how to get somewhere using the subway, for example, and as much as we enjoy walking, you need the public transportation from time to time.

Hope you enjoyed,

love, i

***video: husband

***pictures: me (iPhone 6 and Lumix100)





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