most instagrammable blossom trees in Vienna (part 2)

most instagrammable blossom trees in Vienna (part 2)

happy Saturday my dear reader! How was your day?

So, here is the second part of the most instagrammable blossom trees in Vienna, i´ve been willing to write this for a while now, but i had to wait till some of the trees bloomed, so that i can show them to you in pictures ;)

tREE nr 1 (Uni Campus, Altes AKH)

It´s a favorite, makes me think of a Charlotte Bronte book, where little girls run around a big tree wearing laces and nice dresses ;)

tREE nr 2 (Hainburger Weg)

The not so hidden alley anymore from Schlachthausgasse (U3) Reminds me of the sakura maddness in Japan. It´s beautiful!!

tREE nr 3 (this one is like a tongue-twister, right? say with me: "tree number three" :)

It´s another alley, called Eschenalle, there are not as many trees as at Schlachthausgasse, but it´s very sweet.

tREE nr 4 (Hertha-Firnberg-Straße, next to the Twin Towers)

It is surrounded by skyscrapers. What, in Vienna? Yes my friend, lol! It´s my little NY corner, perfect for a #strideby. Besides, it´s 2 in 1, it has pink and white blossoms, #scute!!

tREE nr 5 (Felixmottlstraße 14)

There are actually many more, and not in the same place. The 19th district it´s a hidden gem for magnolia trees. Take the tram number 38 from Nussdorferstrasse, get off at the first stop and from there to foot exploring. The houses are beautiful, you might even find an old vespa or oldimer. You can start with house number 14 on the Felixmottlstraße ;)

tREE nr 6

my all time favorite, the tree of life at Stadtpark. But i´m so sad it has already faded in the meantime that i waited for the others to bloom. Anyways, i´m sure everybody knows it.

wisteria (Palais Coburg, Coburgbastei 4)

This is a little bonus, because blossoms are almost over, i wanted to share here with you some nice wisteria i discovered today.

hope you enjoyed, what are your favorite spring spots in town?

love, i





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