road trip love, discovering the wonderful with Pandora

road trip love, discovering the wonderful with Pandora

have you ever been on a road trip? (well, i´m sure most of you have ;)

i´ve been on many, but my favorites so far have always been with friends and with Raresh (he wants me to start calling him by his name from now on, so..)

And out of these, the one with Raresh are the best. I love being "stuck" with him in a car. This way  i get to talk and talk for hours..and guess what? There is  nothing he can do about it, well, maybe put on the headphones and start listening to a podcast...but the rest of the time is just for me, baby! lol! Of course he gets to talk too, but only when i let him...kidding again...

A while ago Pandora asked me to share my #doseethewonderful and i thought, why not go on a road trip through Austria, especially now, in fall, when nature es even more beautiful than usual. And so we did, last week we took our car, a blanket, lots of food and started this little adventure.

Our first stop was Hallstatt. That place is always crowded with tourists, i know. But even though, you have to see it. It is like a movie set, super small, but cute as (i don´t even use this expression, sorry, it just sounded good here ;)

The second stop was Braies Lake in Italy. It is also insta famous, but again, so worth a visit.

We loved both places, although what i enjoyed the most was the road trip per se. The talking, eating every 10 minutes and admiring everything we saw on our way. And man, Austria is just perfect, i really mean it. All those villages beside the road, you would think nobody lives there because everything is in its place, so clean, so neat, so very nice. Even the cows, horses and sheeps seem to know that, all so peaceful, all so beautiful. We stopped several times to just look at them and listen to the bells jingling. My grandparents used to have a farm and the sound of the bells reminds me of when i was little.

Some of you asked me when is the best time to visit these two places. I would say October, the beginning of November. The forests looked like a painting, in all shades and colors. The weather was also very good (kinda windy at Lake di Braies) but besides me freaking out on the boat, it was harmless ;)

So, here some tips and places worth the visit:

 road trip Austria-Italy-Germany to the most instagrammable places: tips

  • how long: 4-5 days
  • when: October/beginning of November. The weather should still be nice and the nature is so colorful. 
  • places to see:
    • Hallstatt (Austria) if you go in summer, you can also rent a boat and go on the Hallstatt lake.
    • Admont Abbey (Austria) It is this beautiful baroque library you´ve seen in my Instagram feed. It is not far from Hallstatt and definitely a must see.
    • Lake Mondsee (Austria) I´ve been there in summer and loved the mood
    • Gosau Lake (Austria) My insta friend @beautlecieuse recommended it to me, thanks Johanna ;)
    • Schafberg Mountain RailwayThere is this red, vintage train with steam engines that will take you through some beautiful locations through the mountains.
    • Braies Lake (Italy) It is known as the pearl among Dolomite lakes and is truly beautiful. If you want to have a reflection at Braies Lake, make sure it is no windy. That would also be better for a boat ride. There are also many more lakes in the area and if you´re a nature lover, there are many hiking paths you could do. I found this one. Also, the place might seem very wild in pictures, where it is not. There is a hotel, a restaurant and a café there, so, for those who want to stay comfortable, you only have to walk 3 minutes from the parking place :D
    • Neuschwanstein Castle (Germany) (hard to pronounce, huh? ;) Well, although there is a four hours drive from Lake Braies, you can´t miss this castle. Especially if you´re an instagrammer ;) Well, we did, but let me We only had 2 days for the car trip, that´s why. Anyways, it is one of the most popular destinations in Germany and looks like one in a movie, in fact, the storybook looking castle inspired the Walt Disney Sleeping Beauty.
    • We did the road trip in our car, but i would like to go through all these locations i mentioned, again next year, same time, but in a van, a vintage one and camp everywhere and do all these romantic things i´ve seen in movies ;)

So, what do you think? Would you like to do the same? I´m a city girl, but thank you Pandora for challenging me to get and see the wonderful in nature. It kinda got to me, so now i´m already planning my next road trip, see? ;)

* Necklace and bracelets: Pandora

* blogpost sponsored by Pandora for their #doseethewonderful campaign





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