let´s be creatista-s and make some latte art baby

let´s be creatista-s and make some latte art baby

it is no secret that we, bloggers, love latte art. The times i´ve taken pictures of it or went to that café in particular because they had the cutest bear latte art.

I can´t even remember coffee without latte art ;)

ups, sorry, i just realized i forgot to say "hi!" and thanks for stopping by ;)

As you already saw in the video, it is about latte art here. I could never be a barista, you know? I tend to drop everything, i´m very clumsy (like a lot), but this little challenge was so much fun. Especially with @me_and_mango, because he takes it so seriously.

I still remember, when i used to work at this café and the barista had to go to Italy to do a workshop on latte art. He would tell me how important that would be in the future and how cool was to learn different patterns. So, yes, now look at me, releasing my inner barista... from home...


with the new Nespresso Creatista machine. Because of the fully automatic steam wand, you can create perfectly textured milk set to your preferred temperature for your coffee at home. To add an instagrammable touch, you can use Creatista’s frothy milk to create your own latte art. 


Barista Chiaro: for Cappuccinos, Barista Scuro for Macchiatos and Barista Corto for  Ristrettos.

Tips and tricks:

  • let some of the liquid steamed milk create a base layer under your coffee before placing the foam on top to make the design
  • always pour steadily and slowly (i didn´t always manage to do that...but anyways ;)
  • start high and slow, then bring it down low,  the closer you are to the coffee, the more design will appear

Common mistakes:

  • pouring too high
  • pouring too fast
  • the milk is not thick enough
  • not enough practice ;)

Now, do you have any tips and tricks we should know?

Which latte art did you like most? Mine, @_pommegranate´s or @me_and_mango´s? ;)

What designs would you create or would want us to create?

Oh, and there might be a massive latte art spam in my Stories soon, so prepare, wink!



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