what´s tiny, clips and films?

what´s tiny, clips and films?

....my clip and go Qlippie Live, hellooooo!! ;)

i could just keep writing in rhymes here, but instead i´ll tell you something funny:

i was pretending to drink coffee in bed for a photoshoot  (oh, you really drink coffee in bed? good for you, i kinda can´t). Anyways, husband was taking some pictures of me all fancy, but because i´m super duper clumsy  (i´ve already told you that..i know..) i of course did the inevitable and spilled it. Good thing my Qlippie was filming the whole scene, so i kinda have @me_and_mango´s "told you so" expression on camara now ;)

Yes, that´s what i love about this tiny and super cute camera, that you can capture nice moments without even thinking about it because it´s hands-free and weareble, it just clips on whatever you are wearing, clothes, bags and even your wrist bracelet. And here comes the best thing, you can now film in places where normally would be difficult or even not "cool" to take out a camera and start pointing. Added to that, you can use your hands to do stuff, and the camera will record you perspective as you move throughout the world. You can also camouflage it in your outfit, literally and figuratively by skining it with different stickers, like for example with a military pattern or marble texture. @me_and_mango and me have already thought about putting it to some super good use and integrate it in our youtube videos. 

Now, i´m really bad when it comes to technical details and stuff, but it apparently has:

  • a livestream HD Camera with Sony CMOS-R lens (yeap, right, no idea what that means, good thing @me_and_mango does ;)
  • a live broadcast function through WI-Fi or 4G network
  • you can record videos up to 2 hours in 720 HD
  • you can also control the camera from your smart phone
  • and many more other features, but go see it for yourself here ;)

And if i just convinced you to buy one, go here to get an early bird price ;)

So, yes, technology...such an amazing process..can you imagine how many intelligent people are there in this world inventing new stuff? What´s next? Chip cameras? I already want one ;)

wishing you a nice week,



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berlin, berlin

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