me, fashion blogger? ;) (Amsterdam part 2)

me, fashion blogger? ;) (Amsterdam part 2)

the last scene of our vlog, me, a fashion blogger?

what do you think? yay or nay? ;)

and can that be learned, or it has to be more of a natural thing?

have you heard this expression? "like mushrooms after rain?" well, it means that something grows very fast, like bloggers do, right? ;) i remember one year ago there were maybe only half the fashion bloggers out there, but they´re springing up around and the world seems to be full of them now. Yes, and where is the problem? All famous fashion bloggers were amateurs in their beginnings. Everybody has to start somewhere.

What about me, you may ask? i´m not photogenic (at all!!!!), i laugh when i have to pose and man, i can be very impatient, but i love a good sense of fashion and somehow i want to give it a try. Not in the traditional way, though, because the competition is endless, plus, i want to feel special ;)

that´s why i was super happy to have of the most suitable place, a fashion hotel, and such a hip city like Amsterdam, so thank you lots Hotel The Exchange, your rooms dressed as models inspired me ;)

oh, and in my first blog in Hotel The Exchange i promised i´ll tell you more about the designers and the name of the hotel.

One of the most interesting facts about the hotel is that it started as a makeover as part of the City of Amsterdam´s Project 2012. The idea was to combat the deterioration of Damrak, a very unpopular street among the locals, because of its touristy vibe and the Red Light District. And so, The Exchange briought a new purpose and a hip vibe to the decadent area. It was designed by local artists, by that time students at the AMFI, The Amsterdam Fashion Institute. The 8 young fashion designers had to see their rooms as models and dress them. It´s so inspiring to see a place where old architecture, design and fashion come all together.The designers wanted to reflect multiple faces and sides of the fashion industry, so one room is inspired by Marie Antoinette, some are minimalist, one is dressed in a big, white t-shirt, there are so many interesting designs. We took a tour and these are only a few of the 61 rooms, You can see more here.

And about the name, i first thought it was called The Exchange because in the fashion industry you have to change lots of outfits, lol!  Well apparently the name has to do with the opposite building, The Amsterdam Stock Exchange located right in front of the hotel. ;) And their coffee place is called Stock, cute..

Now, back to fashion and i a fashion blogger?

I´m a lifestyle blogger and i think i´ll stick to that for a while. Lifestyle, what´s that? It is that kind of word you use when you haven´t found your niche yet, lol...Now seriously, lifestyle is a little bit of everything, travel, food, interior, fashion, ideas..see, like my blog. So if one day i wake up and feel in the mood of writing about cherries, i can ;) I love to have this liberty. That is in fact the reason i started this blog, because i like cherries so much..kidding, because i like to share random things with you here and also because i need someone to listen to me, husband has enough already :D

Photoshoot hotel details:

  • outfit: (all items from this fall/winter collection)
    • skirt: Asos (i´m so into midi skirts lately!!)
    • blouse: COS/ white Oui T-shirt in the first pictures is designed by my Instagram friend Corina ;)
    • Boots: Zara, my love ;)
    • hat: Old Habits Die Hard
  • location: Hotel The Exchange, Epaulettes, room number 406, with mint ropes and all winter white, like January ;)
  • photographer: the best, @me_and_mango ;)

Street style details:

  • outfit
    • jeans: H&M
    • roses sweat: Pull& Bear
    • belt: Asos
    • boots: Zara
    • coat: H&M (i bought it some hours before our walk in the city on the first day of sales ;)
    • scarf: H&M
  • location: The Red Light District, Amsterdam
  • photographer: husband, once again ;)

more fashion, birds and tulips in my next Amsterdam blog in February, oh, don´t worry, time flies, you won´t have to wait that longer, lol



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