ridiculous, funny and behind the scenes of 2016

ridiculous, funny and behind the scenes of 2016

happy new year dear reader! how´s two thousand seventeen treating you so far?

this is my very first blogpost this year and instead of writing resolutions i might not keep (yeap, that happens...) i thought of sharing with you some of my most ridiculous and funny moments. I tend to keep them in my camera roll and i always laugh when i find them, so, hope you´ll enjoy this. 

1. this first picture is the reason why i thought about writing this blogpost in the first place. Last summer, in Spain, because yes, my panties needed some adjustments ;)

2. and talking about #followmeto-s, this is husband showing me how to pose, lol

3. i love taking funny or ridiculous pictures of him, especially when he´s sleeping, i once tried all the Snapchat filters on him on our way to Budapest.

4. i wished he´d like being in front of the camera more, because otherwise it has to be me, and oh the jumping and twirling...the funniest one so far was in Amsterdam, when i looked like a big, big Irina:

5. The boomerangs are definitely the most challenging part. If you want to see how we take them, you can check it out in our vlogs. Here how some flatlays look behind the scenes :D

6. and more behind the scenes, the "ugly" truth when it comes to ice cream pictures. Funny positions, melting and even falling on the ground, yes, that happens when it´s super hot outside and you take pictures for more than 3-4 minutes ;) (the last one is taken by one of our friends ;)

7. and talking about pictures, do you know how many i have on my camera roll? 50.000, yes, crazy, i know, but considering how many shots i take each time...there´s no wonder. Do you do the same? ;)

8. these two nuns:

9. now, have you seen hamsters running on the wheel? Something very similar happened to this girl. I was watching her while posing for a #helloemilie picture and it was impossible not to laugh. She would fall every 3 seconds, but man, she would keep trying! Well done little girl, you´ll do so much in life with that attitude ;)

10. Totally not funny for me, but at the same time one of the most ridiculous postures...this guy! I wanted to take some pictures of this huge, beautiful blossom tree at my university but i arrived at the same time as this couple who had like 10 cameras on and seemed to stay there forever. They saw me waiting, but no, no, they wouldn´t move. If only his position would´ve been a little less ridiculous, i promise i wouldn´t have said anything...but i had to... I politely asked them to give me 1 minute to photograph that beauty alone. Without any awkward people in front of it... Now i´m asking you, would you´ve done the same? )

11. so that was a little bit about Instagram and taking pictures. If i had to think about who´s the funniest in my life, then definitely Mango and Yellow. Those littles make me laugh all year long. They are super curious, climb on you, they might even bite you (or your friends..sorry about that), sing super loud in the morning...but oh how i love them. My sister sometimes makes fun of me on Stories..

12. I think she´s jealous of Mango and Yellow and tries to show me she can be even funnier, it must be that, otherwise i couldn´t explain all these pictures:

13. She even sends me snaps with filters on mom. Oh, oh, other thing @_pommegranate did, was get me addicted to keep an eye on interesting time numbers and take screenshots. Does it also happen to you? ;) And the salad pictures below. The story behind: I was in Berlin and Emilia asked me what i was having for dinner. It turns out we bought the same thing at the exact time. We do it quite often. Somehow we´re twin sisters, even if i´m 2´5 years older ;)

14. My favorite screenshots of all times are when husband sends me something i really love, like b-day wishes. The best one is when he changed his status to married on FB (7 years after we got married, by the way ;)

16. what do you do when someone else is wearing the same piece of clothing? You take a picture together ;)

17. the next photo is from last spring and i´m sharing it with you here because...do you notice something? Well, i didn´t see the worm while taking the picture, only afterwards. For some reason i ended up not posting it, so here it is:

18. and finally the award to cutest photos of 2016 (besides Mango and Yellow, of course) goes to these 4 girls. All so little, but with such a strong personality:



Daria, my little niece be like...That´s when she doesn´t like something. Good thing that door is so photogenic ;)


you´ll discover the world little one..


This summer in Valencia, i catched a little curly haired girl stealing an orange. The look on her face though, she kinda knows that´s not right ;) 


What was supposed to be just 10-20 pictures ended with me through my camera roll and finding so many funny stuff. Some of the pictures are funny, some are interesting...hope you enjoyed them because i did have a fun writing this blogpost ;)

If you feel like sharing something good for a laugh or awkward moments here with me, i´d be happy to read them. Oh, oh, that reminds me of this elderly man who was sitting next to me in the tram and would ask me if i wanted to try my luck. "i´m not lucky", i said. He insisted and filled this winning ticket/lottery, whatever that was with my birthdate and some random numbers i told him. He asked for my number and told me he´d call me in case we (yes, he said we) win and we will split the money. He didn´t seem senil or drunk, just a nice old man ;)

wish me luck, who knows...




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