31 things about me

31 things about me

this Sunday was my b-day and i thought of writing here 31 things about me..you know, just because i am entitled..

once a year, we´re allowed to talk about ourselves and expect others to give us presents, but just this one time, otherwise they´ll call us selfish ;)

so, in case you were wondering, i only got 2 presents, although Mango did sing me happy b-day (no, no really) Now let´s get to the point, let´s talk about me, me, only me..lol

1. i´m 31 now (but maybe you´ve already sorted that out ;)

2. i never wanted to grow up, unlike other kids, who always wanted to be 18 or more

3. as a kid i used to be really brave, and all that stuff. i also used to dream very often that i was some kind of hero, flying around and saving my family

4. my sister and i, when little, would eat at least 2 kg of fruits a day (and that in winter, in summer we´d lose count of it)

5. i love Oscar Wilde, although i´ve never read one of his books, only all the quotes online (i know, 31..it´s about time)

6. husband sometimes talks in his sleep and if i´m not too tired i wake up and write it down. i´ll maybe use it in the future to make fun or blackmail him, lol

7. and talking about him, what can i say, i´m a lucky gurl ;)

8. in July we´ll celebrate 7 years of marriage..still can´t believe it!

9. i love pinning something on Pinterest and discover i´ve already pinned it before

10. i can´t pronounce the "r", that´s why it is my less favorite letter of all. I even tried to use only words that wouldn´t contain it. Yes, that was years ago..but i still hate the fact that i can´t pronounce it! the only thing, i sound a little French, so that´s ok :)

11. as a kid that was my only issue, now i have so many more! phew

12. my role model? dad. always has, always will be. missing him so much!

13. parents only lead by example, not by what they keep saying you should do.

14. so looking forward to having kids myself someday, but too scared right now

15. i buy most of my clothes on sales and i´m very proud of it

16. i´m very honest, i hate intrigues and gossip and mean girls..oh, i wish i could shush mean comments right away, too bad we sometimes encourage that by not saying anything. But there´s being well behaved and a grown up and letting them be..

17. oh, i also hate it when someone seem way too nice, like they would put you above them (who does that anyway!) or when others, on the other hand are too arrogant and so very presumptuous

18. another thing i don´t like is when we use the word "tolerant" towards people who are not like us. The word itself puts you from the beginning in a better position, like you should accept them. We´re equal, actually, we should talk about respect, not acceptance. Do you know what i mean?

19. what else..i think this just got too serious, time to write something funny

20. my sister is so funny, she sends me these hilarious videos of her using the Snapchat filters, i laugh so hard!


21. you know what else is funny? the fact that Kate Moss has become so famous. Why, but why?? also funny (and bitter sad): some countries (en Europe!!) still have kings and a royal family. ridiculous!!

22. there are some pictures like this one that make me smile, every single time..too cute, i even have an album on Pinterest, my happy place where i can go every time i want


23. i find Snapchat really clever, they know exactly how to make you addicted, i´d love to meet the team behind it. It will never replace Instagram though, it is something completely different, you can´t compare them, period. But yes, i love their filters, especially this one. Flor, a cute gurl. hihi, hope she´ll be back soon.

24. food, let´s talk about food now..i love dry, crunchy dishes when it comes to salty food (no sauces at all), but creamy sweets, like cakes, oh, i´m a "let´s have cake for breakfast" kinda person, i usually eat very healthy, sweets are my only sin (the only problem is that i sort of sin every day)

25. i don´t really like my hands, although i tend to show them in too many pictures

26. favorite music band. Coldplay, hope to go see them in Berlin this summer.

27. i don´t have a style when it comes to fashion, i like many, so i try to personalize them a little bit. here some pictures of me through the last years:

28. and talking about style, you and me never go out of style, lol (Taylor Swift, do you really write your own songs? i very much doubt it ;) Now, really, i don´t have a specific style on Instagram either. And i think i should, that´s one of Instagram´s best success formulas. Your feed, that should look like a nice puzzle all put together. I know it, of course, i keep telling people that, the only thing, i don´t really do it myself. I try to, but i love so many things and filters, and moods, and moments captured, that i can´t decide myself for only one style. What do you think? What kind of instagrammer are you?

29. i have a camera, but all my Instagram pictures are taken with my iPhone 6. That´s for all the people who keep asking me what camera i use. I´ve also posted 3-4 pictures taken with my Panasonic Lumix 100, but i always write it in the caption. I believe in good pictures, but that doesn´t only mean quality, it means so much more. Everyone can buy a good camera nowadays, but that doesn´t make you a good photographer, you see what i´m saying? are you with me in this? ;)

30. Instagram, you beautiful app, you´ve inspired me so much these last years, i´ll love you until the end, i know everybody is very negative at the time, but i´m still a fan

31. oh, number 31, i´m done ;) Truth be told, i thought of not posting this. What if i don´t like it after some days? What if nobody reads it? What if nothing makes sense..but isn´t it all about being yourself and sharing what you like? Besides, i´m the birthday girl (2 days later, true, but i celebrate it like kings used to, for a whole week, lol)

Thank you so much for reading, i´d be very happy if you left some comments, but don´t worry if you don´t, i´ll still know you´ve read it, i got some analytics that´ll show me i´m not talking all by myself.

p.s. please ignore my English if you find some mistakes, i am a teacher, true, but for Spanish, wink

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