Best brunch places in Barcelona

Best brunch places in Barcelona

Hi everyone!

Spanish food has always been one of my favorites, especially now that there are so many restaurants and cute coffee places everywhere. I tried to go to as many cafés as possible while in Barcelona, but of course i didn´t have enough time in only 3 days, dah!! ;)

Oh, and before i start with my tips, a special thanks to our partner, Lalalab for sending us on this super awesome mission of capturing the best Spanish moments. If you´re interested in printing your pictures with the @lalalab_app use my 5 discount code for all the new users-> PG0QS5JNIt  is a mobile app that can be used to print photos directly from your phone and have them delivered straight to your door. Can´t wait to show you all the pictures we printed from Spain, but that next week, in the following post. Until then you can check more here

Now, let´s talk about good food:


Beloved kale, happy to find you in Barcelona! (it´s hard to get some in Vienna). Flax & Kale is a healthy flexitarian restaurant, with pretty big and awesome dishes. They also have a special weekend brunch menu including açai bowls and pancakes, among other healthy options.

  • tip: i recommend El Cubanito chocolate smoothie, Teresa´s favorite kale salad and the rainbow cake. Actually you can order anything there, it´ll be good, also don´t forget to book in advance, take a #selfie in the bathroom upstairs, order a smoothie to go before leaving, oh and maybe try to steal one of those nice menus they have..kidding #kiddingnotkidding


Ugot, meaning cake in hebrew, is like the set from a book, you go there, sip tea out of retro cups and order 2-3 cakes, cuz you just know which one to pick ;) The staff is lovely, the food super tasty, the furniture adorable and that flamingo wall.. It is also super cheap! We ordered 6 things, 2 cakes among them and it only costed 23 euros..... i know, you're welcome for the tip!! ;)

  • tip: try the shakshuka, you´ll love it, and the Bikini sandwiches, so good! (they help you get in shape, lol) Cakes.. i loved the carrot one, but the cheese cakes look great as well. Ugot is a place to spend a whole afternoon there, take a good friend, i took husband ;)


It is a company with more coffee places in Barcelona, all of them extremely hip. This one, Travel & Cake was quiet when we arrived, the windows open, a really nice atmosphere, although i wish it was cozier.

  • tip: if you love creamy desserts, go for the oreo cheese cake!! If you prefere something vegan, the chocolate shake, one of my favorites so far.


Brunch & CAKE is the sister location and belongs to the same company as TRAVEL & CAKE. While in Spain i received many massages (lol, i just wrote "massages", well, as much as i love them, i meant "messages", but you knew that, didn´t you? ;) from people telling me to go there. It was already on my list, so i was happy i made the right choice, because it was just a 10 minutes walk from our hotel, PRAKTIK RAMBLA.

But guess what? There was this huge queue outside, like 10-15 people waiting, we had to write our names on a list and....wait for like 1,5 hours! Say what?? As much as i wanted to try their ricotta pancakes and chicken guacamole sandwich, we had to abort this mission and try our luck somewhere else..

tip: they don´t make reservations, so make sure to go after 10 am or 15:00 pm, otherwise it might happen the same to you, but there is also BRUNCH & CAKE BY THE SEA ;)


OMA BISTRÓ (Oma meaning grannie in German) is an industrial designed café a 5 minutes walk from Brunch & Cake and is worth a visit. I especially loved the missmatched chairs, the brick wall and the hanging bicycles. The food is mainly a fusion between Spanish and American with weekly menus.

tip: sit next to the window at the big wooden table and order a freshly squeezed orange juice and the eggs Benedict.


Last, but not least, there is Oval. Because we try at least one burger in every city we go and Oval was the lucky place. The light is not that good for pictures, but you can design your own burger from top to bottom and i love that ;)

tip: try the cheesy fries (too bad they only have seasonal sweet potatoes), add some jalapeños to your burger and don´t forget to write your name on the order, you´ll find a little personalized flag like this one:

Some other places we could´t see, but were on our list are: Trópico, Granja Petitbo, Federal Café, Surf House, Chöc, Black Lab Brewhouse & Kitchen, etc, etc.

So after my Barcelona (and soon to share with you Valencia experience) "brunching" is a now thing in Spain. It looks so, right? ;)

Hope you enjoyed, and as i just said, these are only some of the spots we had time to visit, can´t wait to be back again. Which ones are yours?

love, i





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