how i travel "fancy", tips und tricks

how i travel "fancy", tips und tricks

I´m the fanciest person there is, you know..

what, you don´t believe me? ;)

Ok, ok, i´m not, not at all, in fact. My husband says i´m chaotic, but that´s only his opinion, i don´t agree. I´m a dreamer, that´s what i am and i´m not the only one ;)

Now, why would you listen to my travel tips if i just admited i´m chaotic? Well, i didn´t say that, that´s what husband thinks of me ;)

Anyways, you should learn from my mistakes and also from my experience. I´ve lived in 3 countries, i´ve moved many times and traveled between these countries quite a lot. 

So, i´ve had this little red hand suitcase for like 5-6 years. It was super cheap but my sister and i, we both loved it. You could stuff everything in it, a car, your computer, the whole Now, really, it looked small, but it was something of a Pandora box. Things just kept fitting in.

Why am i telling you this? Well, because i used to think that someday i´ll gonna buy my super fancy suitcase and pack only the necessary amount of clothes, organized by colors..


Although yes, some things have changed since Suit Suit sent me these pastel bouble gum minty suitcases from The Fabulous Fifties Luminous Mint collection. I do feel fancier now.

They´re so pretty! And light! And guess what? Stuff keeps fitting in too, like with my old suitcase. And there is more! They have these various compartments for little items and help you save room by fitting the smaller suitcases in the bigger ones. Life changing, i must say ;)


Now these are my tips and tricks on how to travel fancy:

  1. get enough sleep, pack quickly (always with a list of what you need), get work done in the airplane, try not to miss your flight (has never happened to me...yet....hope never will)

  2. take only things you know for sure you´re gonna wear, if you´re not sure if you´re gonna wear something, don´t take it with you. Also pre-pare your outfits. What do you want? A casual outfit, a warm one or just something to look good in pictures? In summer long dresses are super photogenic, but who doesn´t know that? ;)
  3. pack a big scarf, you can cover yourself with it in the night and it protects you from the sun too.
  4. roll, don´t fold. I roll almost all my t-shirts, you save so much room!
  5. "steal" all the toiletries from the hotel. No, i´m not a thief, but my gatherer instinct takes over everytime i leave the room. There´s nothing better than a tiny shampoo bottle you can use when traveling carry on ;) Oh, and thoothbrushes, i love them! If you stay more days at the hotel they keep puting new ones in the morning...see what i´m saying? wink
  6. you can never have too many batteries or chargers
  7. or underwear, especially quick-dry panties. I used to buy mine from Intimissimi, the nude ones, but now i´ve changed to cotton and my favorites are from Tezenis, also in nude. Now i realise i´m writing this for girls. Are there any guys reading here? Oh, hi @me_and_mango! Am i being too personal, husband? ;)
  8. bring the smallest wallet you have and leave home all those cards you don´t need
  9. and don´t put together all the money you have, or identity documents, it´s better to have them separately-held.
  10. but don´t be paranoic all the time (i´m still fighting this!) Yes, tourists get robbed, bad things happen, but you should be positive. But cautious! That should be a good mix. Oh, and in case of mishaps, don´t beat yourself up.

There are so many details, but 10 is a round number so i´ll leave it here. Hope my tips helped you, and don´t worry if you´re not fancy enough, those pictures of bloggers all perfect and all, hmmm, what can i say, don´t quite buy it. I try to think reality is a little harder, otherwise i´m doing something wrong! :D

Oh, and i love my Suit Suit luggage, i really do, people stare at you at the airport when they see all those pastel colors. If you want to order some too, i recommend to take a color of each, luminous blue, mango cream yellow and pink dust from my favorite collection, the Fabulous Fifties.



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