Stereotypes and misconceptions about Italians (italy part 2)

Stereotypes and misconceptions about Italians (italy part 2)

first of all, hope you enjoyed our Italy experience in the Puglia region

second, remember the sculptor´s face? Does it sound familiar? Well i think so, yes! He looks so much like actor Jeff Goldblum alike, but if you don´t believe me, check out these pictures:

and third, i´d like to write here about stereotypes and misconceptions about my dear Italians, because there are much too many clichés about this nation. Besides, i´ve visited Italy lots of times and i kinda have the feeling i know them.

  • First stereotype:

Italians, italians, you are delightfully chaotic and have the catchiest accent there is. You should actually hear me speak English after i´ve spent some days in Italy..

By saying chaotic i mean traffic, those drivers that see you waiting at the zebra crossing, but decide not to stop, because why would they? Life is too busy... right? wink

Now really, crossing a street in Italy can be challenging. But then you see the cute, little Fiats Cinquecento and forget about anything. Oh, and scooters, Italians love them (am i picturring Rome here?)

Before going on, just a little clarification. When i say Italians are chaotic, i generalize, but you know that, right? I mean, one should be really narrow-minded to think all Italians are chaotic, like every other nation, people are different.

  • Second stereotype:

Now, that being clarified, back to accents, because Italians don´t only have one of the most strong accents, but hmm, how should i put this..they don´t really speak other languages. Well, north americans either, if you think about it, but they´re lucky English is Lingua Franca, otherwise... (remember Brad Pitt in "Inglorious Basterds?)

So, English..(and most of the tourists will agree with me here).. English is just not their forte. But, if i were Italian, i´d probably speak it neither, Italian is such a lovely language, one of the most beautiful there are (in my opinion), so it is totally understandable they would want to stick to it ;) Besides, i love when they talk to me in Italian, as i speak Romanian and Spanish i understand it. Would actually love to learn it one day.

Although i´d like to also prove this chiché wrong. One of my work colleagues, Laura, she spoke English and German like a native, totally accent free. She actually proofed every single Italian cliché wrong. She wasn´t a foodie, she told me she didn´t use to cook pasta at home and, wait for it...she didn´t drink coffee, like never..say what? Not to say that she was the most punctual, organized and diligent person at work.

  • Third stereotype:

Let´s talk about food, baby.. Well, Italian food is one of my favorites ( and probably most of Europeans). And i´m not talking only about pasta and pizza here, but about the way they cook. I always try to eat very light and tasty at the same time and the Italian cuisine has them both. Is it the olive oil, the fresh vegetables, the spices or the amore they put into cooking? No idea, but they surely have great food. You can never go wrong with some parmigiano, tomatoes and freshly baked bread. 

Not to talk about coffee and gelato (which, by the way, it´s written with only one "t", i found out not long time ago). I used to think Italian gelato was overrated, like some pizza they sell to tourists. But then, when in Venice, on a hot summer day, i stopped at the first gelateria and guess what? Best, creamiest gelato ever, bam! Just like that, totally unexpected. We had to go back because my friends wanted to have one too. Someone once told me that´s very difficult to be skinny in Italy, because of their great food. Yes, i do believe it..if not, ask Julia Roberts in "Eat, pray, love" ;)

  • Forth stereotype:

Body language, yahaaa, they can talk with their hands, my friend! That´s probably why they don´t learn foreign languages..wink

  • Fifth stereotype:

friendly Italiani..true! They´re open and super communicative. The only negative side to this is that sometimes you would think everybody is your friend (especially if you live in northern countries and you´re not used to such friendly faces). Yeap, that´s the down side to latins, they can also be double-faced.

  • Sixth stereotype:

Italians are loud? What are you talking about??? No way!!!


well yes, that´s actually a true stereotype. But i am loud too, so what? Happy people feel the need to talk a lot and loudly so that the others hear I´m aware this might be irritating for some, but i´m ok with it. The only thing i can´t stand is a crying kid (i said kid, no baby, because babies don´t know how to express themselves, but a spoilt crying kid...or a lousy drop..that´s just too much for me ;)

  • Seventh stereotype:

fashion victims? They have Milano as a fashion metropole and some of the most chic persons  have seen were Venetian locals..

  • Eith stereotype:

and last, but not least, Italy is one of the most instagrammable places on earth, i mean it! And i am not talking only about Rome here, but every single village. It might be a Fiat, a perfectly parked bike, a hidden beach or the laundry thing is true, Italy is charming. I even thing Italians have this thing going on, where they secretly try to impress us with by arranging every single detail carefully. They pretend to be all causal, as if they didn´t care, but i bet Italy is their showcase ;)

  • Ninth stereotype:

Don Giovanni? Don´t think so. For me that´s more like a myth. Same with the saying that Spanish people are macho men. Some of them yes, but not the majority, i wouldn´t say that.

  • Tenth stereotype:

Now, a little cliché about us, tourists when visiting Italy. Why do we keep using the only Italian words we know when we talk to them? Why do we keep saying "grazie" to them, i´m sure they also understand the English word ;)

So yes, once again, this trip proved me right, Italians are lovely, friendly, communicative. They remind me of my Spanish friends. I know they don´t like to be compared that much, but that´s what i think ;)

So, keep being awesome my lovely Italians, don´t you change! (only the driving part, that´s important ;)

Oh, and before i go, maybe you saw me talking to an elderly man in the video. Well, i asked a nonno, a nice man walking by to take a picture of husband and me. He told me he wasn´t good at it, i didn´t believe him.. ;)

with love,









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