i stayed in the old Rembrandt room (Amsterdam part 1)

i stayed in the old Rembrandt room (Amsterdam part 1)

the reason husband and i haven´t really bought each other any gift this xmas is because we both received the coolest trip to Amsterdam powered by Hotel The Exchange. So when i got their invitation i literally started jumping while giving @me_and_mango the news.

It is until now one of the coolest xmas gifts ever, because, hellooooo, it´s Amsterdam, baby ;)

The project they invited us for was to have a fashion photoshoot in 3 of their rooms, to match their concept, where each room is dressed as a model.

I bet you haven´t heard that until now. I know, neither did i before staying for the first time here.

There are many hotels in the word, some of them spectacular, some with great views to the ocean, infinity pools, and so on, but with rooms dressed as models, hmmm, not many ;)

I´ve said it before and i´ll write it here again, there is something magical about this place. Situated on Damrak, one of Amsterdam´s most hectic, touristic and busiest streets, between souvenirs and chip shops, Hotel The Exchange is the most unpredictable hotel. Behind a tiny entrance that i passed by every single time, (it´s super small, really) you´ll wind a world of funky fashion, unique rooms and an enchanting bohemian life. It is like Alice in Wonderland, i would say, the tiny, single door opening into a narrow corridor representing the rabbit hole. And after that happens the magic, you´ll get into a lift that´ll take you to the most charming room.

And talking about rooms, the first one we stayed in is called The Old Rembrandt Room because it has this large, collapsible Rembrandt-style collar to surround the bed. How interesting, right?

The room is all white, with a romantic wooden floor, big windows and a very (not high, hmm, the opposite of high...low, yes, that...)it has a low ceiling. The furniture consists of some chairs, a mirror and a desk, all old, forgotten, beautiful. We bought some fresh eucalyptus, gingerbread and xmas cookies, heated the room and watched Pretty Woman (after maybe 15 years!!!) In the morning the seagulls woke us up (yes, imagine that, the sound of seagulls, one of my favorite in the world) They were there, sitting on some street cables and watching us. Well, trying to, cuz we heated the room so much, the windows were all blurry.

And so we got into xmas mood, in this all white room, with big windows and a Rembrandt collar hanging above our heads ;)

I´m not making it more beautiful that it really was, i promise, in fact, i wish i could describe it to you better ;)

I´ll leave you with this, but not before mentioning that

  • there will be 2 other blogs where i´ll show you our other rooms
  • and many more out of the 61
  • i´ll also explain why the hotel is called "Hotel The Exchange"
  • how the project started
  • who are the designers
  • and i´ll also show you the most extravagant 20m-long necklace found at the hotel ;)
  • and my fashion street style in Amsterdam ;)

Curious? then stay tuned! hihi

oh, oh, and i almost forgot, here some details on my outfit:

- i chose this beautiful, silk dress from Asos and i styled it with my Zara boots to give it this funky (but somehow fancy at the same time) look. And i always wear a hat, you know? This time i chose the grey melange personalized with a coin strap from Old Habits Die Hard, because i wanted something local, something made in Amsterdam. Husband and i even got to meet 2 of the owners, we had coffee together and talked more about their concept. I love meeting young, talented people that have their own projects, i get frustrated a little bit, especially if they´re younger than me (lol) but i do love meeting them ;) Getting inspired is one of the most powerful feelings.

So, if you love fashion, magic and Amsterdam, try visiting the city in December, it is full of lights and the fog will make you think you´re in a snow globe. And yes, of course, stay at Hotel The Exchange, it is really special.



* thank you husband for all the pictures, your patience and everything ;)

* and Hotel The Exchange for the nicest stay






ridiculous, funny and behind the scenes of 2016

ridiculous, funny and behind the scenes of 2016

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look around you and be present!