look around you and be present!

look around you and be present!

you´ll never see me having a good time with friends and checking my phone at the same time. I do, but only when i get bored or frustrated by a conversation (in which case i try to keep calm deleting pictures from my phone gallery, lol) or when there are some important mails to be answered or pictures to be posted, only then. 

 You want to contradict me, is that what you´re saying? Please do, but i´m pretty sure i´m right ;)

Anyways, social media and all these new ways on talking online have made us different. I know people who are super nice online, but when you meet them, they will be awkward and won´t talk to you. I love social media, don´t get me wrong, but what i´m trying to say is that we should be the same online and offline. Do you know what i mean? You´re friendly online? Then be even friendlier in real life! Not to talk about people who post selfies all the time and then they tell you they´re shy..hmm, really? interesting ... ;)

Now, back to my point, phones should help us communicate better, not change us and make us unsocial in real life, because, hmm, yes, if i like something about you i have to write it in a comment, otherwise i don´t know how. (insert surprised emoji right here ;)

let´s not hide behind phones and let´s not allow them steal some important things that aren´t present online, like talking face to face to someone, play scrabble, cards, poker, laugh like a real person, not in "lol"s, and so on ;)

So, when HUAWEI Austria launched their new #BePresent campaign and asked me to be part of it, i had to say yes.

Oh, but that´s so ironical, you must say, because i just mentioned we should put our phones aside and communicate also without them. Yes, i know what you mean. But i will never say something against phones, they´re just a medium. What i said and i´d like to highlight is that we should know how and when to use them in order to keep it real and be present, capisci? (meaning "do you understand?" in Italian ;)

Now, back to HUAWEI. I had to say yes, because i find it such a great campaign! People in their 20s and 30s still know how to interact without a phone in their hands, but teenagers, oh, teenagers nowaday (this makes me sound like an old person, i know ;)

And apart from this great idea, i also got to try the new HUAWEI P9 Plus co-engineered with Leica, what makes it a dual lense, great for pictures, i must say, especially with low light. What else, the imagery is super precise, we were capturing some flying seaguls in Amsterdam and it did a really great job. And before i forget, the battery, one of the most important things for me. It lasts forever!! And man, is that awesome when you travel!! ;)

For more infos go over to: the HUAWEI consumer page, their IG or FB

Now, how are you gonna spend this winter holidays? Glued to your phone, or connecting with your beloved ones? If  you say glued to your phone because your beloved ones are far away, well, that is still a correct answer ;)










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