changes at home (part 2)

changes at home (part 2)

i´ve always like it to see inside people´s home. I wished i could shrink all houses, and then take one of the wall downs and have a look, just like with a doll house, or the idea of, do you know which one i mean? The one where there are many families, each one in a different apartment, decoration, life.

Anyways, now i´m the one opening our apartment to you and letting you have a peack inside, of course i´m only showing you the prettiest corners and only the finished ones, but i hope to do soona proper apartment tour, until then, this is what i got.

So, last Sunday i wrote about the first part, the wallpapers, now i´m gonna tell you about our bed and the posters we chose for the bedroom wall. I linked the video again here, for those who didn´t see it on part 1, on Sunday.

Mattress: Emma Matratze

We all know how important is to sleep well. We´ve been to so many hotels lately and i´m always happy when they have a good mattress and pillow. So, my sister already had the Emma Matratze and she was super happy with it and after trying it myself, Raresh and i decided to get one too. 

It is made of cold foam, it is super comfortable and has a memory foam too, are both very happy with it and i can only recommend it. 

Since i have Pinterest, i´ve always wanted to have a pallets bed. Besides, we like to keep it simple and not expensive, so we made a pallets bed ourselves. Of course we got it wrong and though we would need a double row that turned out to be too high, so we then had to sell half of them. Sorry @me_and_mango for the double work :(

Anyways now we have a nice, comfortable bed and we don´t even need side tables, because we use the pallets for that.

  • tip: be sure to measure everything before ;)

Posters: Desenio

As much as we love our concrete wallpaper, i still wanted some frames above the bed, that´s why we chose Desenio, because i´ve seen many pictures online of their beautiful maps and i had to get some for ourselves too.

About the designs i chose and their meaning:

- My favorite must be the black quote of our wall: "life is tough my darling, but so are you". I´m not much into quotes, because everyone is lately, lol! But this one i love because it is especially dedicated to me and kinda sums up my last years, so yes, i like to think of myself as a tough girl. Always have, always will ;)

- we love maps and Stockholm is the city @me_and_mango proposed, so..that had to go on the wall..wink

- Amsterdam is the city we would like to move to someday

- meet me in New York, cuz it is my top city to visit

- and the flower, well i chose the flower for a pink touch to match the gold-black and white theme

- we also have some more designs (not pictured) that we will probably hang in the living room 

Now, have a look at their website and if you find a favorite, use my discount code "IRINA25" for a 25% off. It works on all posters  between 27-29th of June (except frames or "handpicked" category)

  • tip: i don´t know how you guys do it when you have to hang posters on the wall, but i just came up with this crazy, innovative, useful and maybe the best idea so i arranged them on the bed, so that i can decide how i want them on the wall. You can also arrange them on the floor, of course. I then took a picture and compared all the possible arrangements before deciding which one i liked best. Although i´m still not entirely convinced with the one i picked, so, i might just change it one of these days ;)

p.s. my sister came visit and had some really great time laughing, we also wore pink, cuz that´s what we do..haha, we wear pink on combat the Monday blues, you know?

Thanks husband for the pics!


some of my favorite "follow me to-s" with Cluse+ GIVEAWAY!!!!!

some of my favorite "follow me to-s" with Cluse+ GIVEAWAY!!!!!

changes at home (part 1)

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