10 mistakes in a relationship (part 2)+ 4 surprise giveaways!

10 mistakes in a relationship (part 2)+ 4 surprise giveaways!


here the 4 winners:

1. Rümeysa-> winning a Bobbi Brown makeup package

2. Irina L. -> winning a Bobbi Brown makeup package

3. Kathrin P. -> winning a Bobbi Brown makeup package

4. Laura T.-> winning the JoMalone package. Also, happy b-day! ;)


let´s talk about love, baby..

hey everyone. Like 1 year ago i wrote this blogpost and some people told me i should write more about love and relationships. And so i did, only 1 year later..lol

anyways, it´s been 7,5 years husband and i have been married and because everyone is talking about love these days, why not write about mistakes in a relationship? Cuz, oh we all do plenty of them ;)

1. compare your relationship to other couples. Don´t you ever do that! There is no need to say we are unique and different to others, right? Well, so are our love stories. Comparing yourself to others can cause jealousy, competition and it can devalue your relationship. Oh, and don´t believe all you see, it is hard, actually impossible, to know exactly how another couple is in real life. So they might not be as happy as they seem to be (evil laugh...haha, just kidding) ;)

2. take what you have for granted. Not all couples make it, so make an effort to entertain, express gratitude and make the best out of your relationship. But this should always be fun, if it gets too stressful or there is too much struggle, you either do something wrong or the two of you aren´t made for each other

3. the struggle of performance. There is no perfect lover or partner, that´s only an illusion. So stop trying to perform and behave like yourself. 

4. why so serious? Nobody likes people who are way too serious, they are not even interesting after a while. Have fun, laugh, smile at each other. Humor allows you to acknowledge one another´s faults and make fun out of them at the same time, cool right? Embrace vulnerability!

5. but... but, magnifying your flaws, that´s not good either, especially when it comes to physical appearance, there is a chance they won´t even notice them, so why not highlight what you love about you instead? ;)

6. being less attractive. Life gets in the way, we get older, have kids and so on, but attraction, that we should keep alive, no matter how long you´ve been together

7. trying to change her/him. Oh, my dear, that´s so dangerous, like David Guetta´s song:

" But, baby, this is getting serious

oh oh oh


oh oh oh"

lol, now, really, in case your momma didn´t tell you this, i now am: first, you can´t change a person, second, they´ll hate you for trying to do so. Accept your partner for who she/he is, okay? ;)

8. being passive-agressive. Men hate that, they really do! We tend to mope around without telling what is really bothering us, while they are more straightforward. So, why not learn that from them? And here, i must confess, i do that a lot!! Guilty as charged, so yes, @me_and_mango, i´m so sorry man!!! wink?

9. bitterness and bad mood, those suck too!

. i won´t talk about sex here, but only this: be open to new things. We have so many movies and information around us, why be stiff and uninteresting? Don´t exaggerate too much either.

10. being scared or intimidated. If your partner doesn´t respect and treat you as an equal, then we have a big, big red flag that shouldn´t be overlooked.

11. not having your own life. A couple is made by two people, being in a relationship is not the only thing that should define you in life ;)

12. only love your partner, that´s not enough, you have to like her/ him too ;)

Yes, i know, there are 12 instead of ten, sorry..and i hope this wasn´t too serious for a Tuesday morning read, but here a nice giveaway just in case ;)


   to win: 1 Jo Malone package (like the one in the picture below) and 3  Bobbi Brown makeup boxes with 2 surprise products.

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  • there are 4 winners! i will decide which one wins what, either the Jo Malone package or one Bobbi Brown surprise kit (with 2 products)

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wishing you all the luck!




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