so, does the perfect man exist? + giveaway!!

so, does the perfect man exist? + giveaway!!


the winners of the GIVEAWAY are:

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• Bogdan

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for everyone else who participated, there will be soon more giveaways ;) 


...yes, it does, but i married him, sorry about that..

lol, kidding, don´t go, keep reading ;)

so, does the perfect man exist? Before answering this tricky question, let´s define "perfect" in this particular case:

1. there is a perfect man, special, unique, you´re lucky if you find him

2. there is maybe one man, not perfect, but the most suitable for you

Why did i come up with this question? 

Because i saw Lalaland yesterday and although i´m not romantic, i kinda liked it, especially that falling in love part. It made me appreciate marriage even more.

Anyways, ask yourself what are you looking for in a man?

  • physical attraction?
  • shared values?
  • shared hobbies?
  • security?
  • ambition?
  • nice person?
  • good sense of humor?
  • intelligence?
  • sugar daddy?
  • friendship?

Of course these can vary with your age, but it is important to know what you´re aiming for.

For me, physical attraction, friendship, intelligence and a good sense of humor are the most important qualities in a man. Oh, and that he´s a good person, not to me only, but to others too.

So, to answer my question, is there a perfect man? There is definitely not! Not even the perfect one for you. BUT, there is someone with whom you´ll match almost perfectly. If you find that person, keep him, they´re hard to find, but you know that already, right? And forget movies and fairy tales, there are no princes and we ain't princesses either ;)

Now, if you want to surprise your better half with a nice St Valentine´s gift, here a GIVEAWAY for you:


   to win: 2 JOOP WOW Eau de Toilette for men (60ml each).

  • to join the giveaway:
  1. answer this question: "have you found your better half?" in the comments below
  2. subscribe to husband´s YouTube Channel
  • The giveaway runs until the 14th of February at 22:00 (utc+1) and i will announce the winner before 00:00 (utc+1) 
  • there are 2 winners

-> please see the rest of the rules here <-

wishing you all the luck!

*picture of us-> taken by photographer Jovana Rikalo

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