favorite movie couples+ DW GIVEAWAY!!!

favorite movie couples+ DW GIVEAWAY!!!

UPDATE!!!! The winner of the giveaway is Roxana Necula who's favorite movie couple is Joel and Clementine from "the eternal sunshine of the spotless mind"

congrats Roxana! I'll write you an email in a bit ;)


Chemistry, let´s talk about chemistry, not the painful one in school, not that (please no!! ;) but that spark between two people. Since i met @me_and_mango i don´t easily get impressed by romantic movies, because i have my own love story, but there are still some couples that either remind me of us or match so well, that i thought why not write about this on the 1st of February, with two weeks left until, you know, St Valentine´s ;)

But before, guess what, guess what?!!? new GIVEAWAY!!

·         to win: one Daniel Wellington watch for him (whoever that might be, your boyfriend, brother, father, husband, best friend, cousin, neighbour, "just" friend, you.. ;)

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·         The giveaway runs until, Friday, the 3rd of February at 00:00 (utc+1) and i will announce the winner on Saturday

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wishing you all the luck!

Now back to my favorite movie couples:

1.    i know it might sound cheesy, but Rose and Jack from Titanic were my favorites for such a long time, i was 13 when i saw it. They´re both great actors and connected so well. But please don´t watch the movie again now, you´ll be disappointed...and what about Jack not climbing onto the raft with Rose when there was clearly plenty of room...too bad, too bad..

2.    now i feel that i should write someone very unexpected to show you i´m not into the typical romantic cheesiness..hmm, The Notebook, oh no, wrong.. ;) Ok, i´ll go with Kat and Patrick from 10 Things i hate about you because it is also from my teenager years and who didn´t love Heath Ledger, right?

3.    that´s in fact one of the most important reasons i love a movie couple, i like the actors. They can have the most beautiful love stories, but the actors, how they act and connect on screen, that´s the most important. So how about Jakob and Hannah in Crazy, stupid love? I´m not a Ryan Gosling fan, but he´s very good, Emma Stone is the cutest and they have great chemistry. Can´t wait to watch Lalaland next week.

4.    and talking about Crazy, stupid love, there are some movies, pretending to be anti-romantic, but we all know they are. well played, thou, wink. One of them is Friends with benefits. Although i don´t like Justin Timberlake, he was ok-ish in this one ;)

5.    ok, ok, Allie and Noah in the The Notebook were also ok, i admit..but i remember a friend of mine telling me to watch it back when i was 19 (i think) and i was like..nah, too romantic for my taste ;)

6.  and what about Jane and Jone in Mr and Ms Smith? are you a fan? It was kinda cool, because Brandgelina, of course ;) Their last movie together, By the sea is very good too, a little bit weird that it is actually their last film together as a couple in real life.

7.    500 days of summer, who´s watched this film? Very original! Besides, Summer, what a beautiful name she has ;)

Yes, that´s pretty much it. I´m sure there are many more cool movie couples i don´t remember now and i´ll regret it later.

Which are your favorites?

Comment below ;)

p.s. all the behind the scenes pictures taken are by me with my iphone, lol, :D

They´re all from Google images, oh, but the first picture, right in the beginning, that´s us, husband and me, taken by our camera on a nice tripod, wink





when all your pictures have tulips in them (Amsterdam part 3)

when all your pictures have tulips in them (Amsterdam part 3)

giveaways rules

giveaways rules