Let´s have cake for breakfast, dear...

...but you know i can´t bake, right? ;)

When i was little, our family was invited to a wedding and apart from the wedding cake i can´t remember any other detail. My sister and me were very little, but we won´t forget that beautiful, pink cake topped with lots of marzipan flowers. 


yes, i love them! And by saying that, i mean eating them. I´m not good at baking sweets yet :D

So, i was more than happy to make a photo shoot of the Biskitty ones. So good! 

Biskitty is a new Austrian cake venue, perfect for those like me, cake lovers that can´t or don´t have time for baking any. The online shop offers you not only themed cakes, but also the possibility of creating them. Imagine that! My dream! As if a fairy just granted you your wish. Zas!!! ;)

Now, if you have a sweet tooth and live in Austria or Germany, you can have your own designed cake in 5 minutes, plus 24 hours (delivery). Fairies don´t exist nowadays, so, we still have the delivery part :D

This was it, i just wanted to share some pictures with you guys and tell you about this new, lovely concept of Biskitty. My favorite cake from them is the pineapple flavor all covered in white. Then, at home, i make it my style and decorate it with pears or flowers. So simple. 

How would you prefer yours? ;)

farewell 2015

farewell 2015

Christmas in Vienna

Christmas in Vienna