Valentine´s gift ideas for HER and for HIM (part 2)

Valentine´s gift ideas for HER and for HIM (part 2)

Hi amigos! ;)

There are only some days left, and soon is the V day ;)

You don´t care? Well, i understand you. I used to be like that too!! But times passes by and one thing i´ve realized these last years is that if there is the smallest opportunity to do something fun or celebrate, i´d take it. Life is hard people, seize the moment! ;)

Yes, and what about consumerism and stuff? True that´s bad, don´t you get into that, buy few things, not very expensive. And if you don´t feel like buying anything, well don´t.

Do a gesture! But why especially for Valentine´s? Good point! Don´t do it for Valentine´s. For some other time, wherever you feel like it ;)

Now, imaginary dialogues in my mind apart, here are a few tips from some of my favorite shops in Vienna ;)


TEASTORIES (@teastories_official)

It´s located at Bahnhofcity West, has a new online shop and will also open soon at Spitalgasse 13-15.

Karina and her brother have the cutest little shop, with the best tea and mugs in town. Trust me ;) This summer,  (those who live in Vienna know how crazy hot it was) i kinda survived with my 2 favorite icead teas, iced thai tea and vanilla iced tea. But don´t worry, i also have 2 favorites for winter times: buttercup and apple of my eye, sweet names, right? ;)

So, go buy a tea or a cup, mug, plate for your girl, i´m sure she´ll love it ;)

APRECIOUZ ( @apreciouz)

Dana (who i think must be Romanian, i don´t know, i have to ask her ;) makes these colorful handcrafted jewelry and puts a lot of heart in them. You can buy them online, or at little stores. My favorite accessories are the bracelets. I have the emerald independent woman, but lately i´m very into mustard. I also love the candy ones ;)

BISKITTYTORTEN (@biskittytorten)

Flavio thought of Biskittytorten as a new way to create your own cakes, but without all the baking part ;) It´s a new concept where you choose your own cake, how cool is that! For more details, i wrote a blogpost about them 2 months ago ;)

My favorite cake at the cake "Konfigurator" is the white-dotted one with pineapple-poppy seed flavour ;)


Well my friends, although it's always difficult to find gifts for them, it´s not impossible ;) years ago i made a cute postcard (in the morning, before going to work, cuz i totally forgot it was Valentine´s) You only need a piece of paper, a black marker and 10 minutes ;)


DUFT UND KULTUR (Tuchlauben 17, 1010 Wien)

There is this hidden gift shop in the first district, with the cutest back courtyard and they have so many things! But i most liked and also bought for husband was this R letter featured below because i loved the story behind. So, listen to this: they have these wooden letters and numbers recycled from old, unused boats from Bali and other islands. The colors are original, what a gem, right? And wait for it, they only cost 10 euros!!!! I couldn´t believe it when i heard it ;) I´d say, go there tomorrow and look for your boyfriend´s initial, you might have some luck. (because they´re originals, they may not have all the letters of the alphabet).

Ahm, and the shop has lots and lots of other gift ideas for women: monogram letter cups, kamari nut bowls, "vintage" soaps, and so on...


i ;)

p.s. #notsponsored, pictures all mine (iPhone 6, Panasonic LX100)




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