farewell 2015

farewell 2015

So hello 2016, farewell 2015!

Here are some of my favorite moments of this past year arranged by seasons ;)

SPRING 2015, the city was especially beautiful this last spring, with all those sakura cherry blossom trees..(travel: Bratislava)

SUMMER 2015, season of my heart, you were quite hot this year, but i liked you anyway, wink! (travel: Croatia, Switzerland)

FALL 2015, when you fall for fall, not only because of all the fade beauty surrounding you, but also because it was peculiarly warm (travel: Paris, Trieste, London)

WINTER 2015, you came late this year, i didn´t mind at all, the only thing is when are you over? hihi (travel: Berlin)

thank you for all these memories, dear 2015..

love, i

*all the pictures are taken with my iPhone 6 (gold ;)

Hey new year, nice to meet you ;)

Hey new year, nice to meet you ;)

Let´s have cake for breakfast, dear...