Trieste, Trieste, Trieste..what should i say first about you? That i love your accent, your people and your sea? ;)

So, in case you don`t know already, i have this thing for Italy. It begins with its food and ends with all those photogenic vespas and bikes, nicely parked on a wall, waiting for me to take a picture.

With Trieste is exactly the same.

This little city, as far from the Italian capital as it can be, is full of picturesque places and has so much charm..i could hug it ;) And as if this was not enough, we had the best guides in the city:

  • Costanza Grassi, the sweetest! She has this so very funny Italian humor, and told us lots of funny stories about Trieste. Besides, she works at this beautiful Miramare Castle, so, she kind of is its princess ;)

So, the funniest anecdote is that once, there was so windy in the city, that this old, gigantic boat crane got torn from its moorings, surged and floated across the gulf. Imagine that! They managed to rescue the Ursus, you can find it in the Porto Vecchio, where there is also an old train that takes you through the old port. I recommend it, it´s great for taking pictures in abandoned places.

  • Enrico Marchetto, very funny too, and also the founder of the awesome He took some of our group on the media boat to watch and take pictures of the Barcolana amongst the action on the water.
  • Marco Pilia. And last, but definitely not least, our contact person, guide and ManIger of @igersts who showed us the city and patiently waited for us to take hundreds of pictures at each corner.

Thank you guys for inviting us to the #discovertrieste project and showing us around. You made the city look even prettier, i loved your company!

And now our crew. i had the privilege to spend the weekend with this group of funny, talented instagramers who happen to live in the same city as me. They´re hilarious, they will lough that much, that i´ll eventually end up laughing with, even before finding out what was the joke :D


Ana @anasbarros

Justine @juz_me

Marion @ladyvenom 

Raffael @lionheaded

Emilia @_pommegranate

Loved seeing and remembering the city through their eyes ;) I also took some pictures of them. I`m don´t usually make portraits, so i just captured some instant moments. People give this special touch to every story, right?

And apart from the guys i already mentioned, got to meet some more Italian instagramers (@federicoaccerboni, @lazivowski, @marcovalmarana, @ruberry, @theodorealexander_) who enchanted me with their friendly attitude. A few are from Trieste, some came to the city for this special event, the Barcolana, the most important sailing competition from that region. It takes place every year in the Gulf of Trieste and brings all the inhabitants together in a city festivity. Such a beautiful atmosphere! 

Aaahm, and not to forget, i saw so many cute dogs! I might have seen like 100 in just one weekend. It was like being on a little parade, one fancier than other ;)

So far, so good. I´m already thinking of visiting again.

ahm, also wrote a story about Trieste on @stellerstories. My user name there is @irinahp. Have you seen it?

love, I ;)


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