Weekend á Parí (read it with a French accent ;)

Weekend á Parí (read it with a French accent ;)

Now tell me, how did you like it? I love the music!! :)

What would Paris be, without its beloved cafés? 

So, if you want to go to those cool ones you've seen on Instagram feeds, like i did, i would recommend to make a reservation before. I had like 10 places on my list, but we didn´t have time to go to all of them and some were booked. 

These are the ones we saw:

Boot Café-> (of course!) One of the smallest and most photogenic cafés in Paris!!

I ate the best pecan cookie, but didn´t manage to take a good picture, because of the sun exactly behind the building. So, i was mentioning it to the cool barista, Yuu, when a guy sitting on the next table, reading the newspaper, offered to send me a picture he has just taken before. He´s name is Elie and he also happens to be an instagramer. How cool is that? ;) 

Eventually, on our way back, we passed by it again and i could shoot it with good light. 

Folks and Sparrows-> It was so crowded we couldn't sit there, but the place is worth visiting. Loved the tiles, the wooden table just at the entrance and those perfectly wrapped sandwiches.

Merci-> It looks like the library of an wise, rich, French writer. The little red car inside the courtyard, the big windows and the books, so magical! The light was bad inside to take pictures and the place overcrowded, so i would say the best time to go is during the week, after breakfast hours and before lunch. 

Blend Hamburger Gourmet-> has the best burgers i´ve ever eaten. Yes, in Paris! I like burgers, but some of them have too much bread. The ones at Blend were perfect! The bread was golden brown grilled with cheese. Imagine that! ;) Plus, the waitress was so nice! We went to the place at Rue d´Argout, sat outside and watched the people passing by. A true catwalk! Oh, Parisian fashionistas! You do know how to dress ;)

We recommend the Cheesy burger with sweet potato fries.

Ob-La-Di-> I call it "obdilalá", haha. Anyways, some people, like me, go there for the blue, photogenic tiles, but coffee lovers go for the coffee. We met a couple from the USA there, who told us this place has one of the best coffees in town. I believe them ;) What i most enjoyed here, besides my afternoon breakfast, was the music and the barista, Lloyd whistling. Also met his collleague with whom i talked in Spanish. So cool. Again, who said French are not friendly? huh? ;)

As i said before, i wished i visited more cafés. Looking forward to maybe go again in spring. These are some places i´d love to see next time:

  • Dersou
  • Le Mary Celeste
  • Bululu Arepera
  • Fondation Café
  • Kitsuné
  • PNY Oberkampf
  • Fragments
  • O coffeeshop
  • La Dome du Marais 
  • Au viex Paris d'Arcole
  • Buvette
  • Mamie Gâteau (a place @o_reilly_s, @jasminetartine and @a50lbwardrobe recommended me) 
  • Maison Rose (which is pink again :D)

And last, but not least, all those doors, imposing and packed with history. I wrote some addresses down and next time i´m thinking about making a map where i´ll tag my favorite ones, in case you´re looking for photoshootings and stuff ;)

This being said, here are some pictures i´d love to share with you.

Love, i ;)

Text and pictures: Irina

Video: Rares




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