hey sister soul, sister! (win our partner look)

hey sister soul, sister! (win our partner look)

i only have 2 best friends, one of them is my sister.

I´ve known this girl since she was born, i still remember when mom brought her from the hospital and i got to meet my baby sister. I was 2 and a half years old. I know that´s too young to remember much, but i promise it is such a vivid memory.

So she´s younger and skinnier, but we´ve always shared our clothes. @_pommegranate is not that much into shopping, but girl, she always liked my new stuff. Younger sisters...this is what they do.. ;)

oh, oh, do you want to see a picture of what we used to wear back in 1999, when i was much taller than Emilia?

We do dress better now, don´t we? ;)

Anyways, we´ve shared the same clothes, although we´ve never had a partner look, even if i´ve somehow always liked the idea, that´s why i´m super happy to have partnered up with H&M (say whaaat?? ;) to host a little contest for all our Austrian followers ;)

To win:

The 2 outfits we´re wearing , one for you and the other one for your sister or friend (*shoes not included)


  • to live in Austria
  • go here and become a H&M club member
  • once you´re a member, you can see the rest of the rules and steps here


About the outfits, you can find them entirely at H&M. We´ve chosen our favorite summer style: floral prints and pastel colors, mixed with the classics, black and white. Hope you like them ;) Each outfit comes with a bag, necklaces, rings and bracelets. My outfit includes also sunnies and earrings ;)

If you live in Austria, good luck with the contest, if you don´t, tell me, who do you share your clothes with? Is it a girlfriend, your sister, maybe your mom? And do you still your boyfriend´s t-shirts, like i do? ;)



* all pictures are taken by my other bff, husband. The only exception, the one from 1999. That was taken by mom. Not because i didn´t know @me_and_mango back then, cuz i did, but because we were living in different countries at that time ;)



la vie en rose (monochrome pink outfit inspiration)

la vie en rose (monochrome pink outfit inspiration)

summer white party outfit+ GIVEAWAY

summer white party outfit+ GIVEAWAY