The Vienna Tour

The Vienna Tour

Hi everyone!

Over the last years i´ve gotten so many requests from you guys about some Vienna tips, my favorite places, nice shops and cafés. I answered every single one of them (i really hope i have not forgotten anyone!) but this got me thinking it was about time we made a Vienna guide. So yes, @me_and_mango and i decided to do a
pdf guide and
google map for all those interested.

Our guide mixes a little bit of everything: touristic attractions, some classic and some modern places, as well as our secret tips. So, either you´re for the very first time in Vienna or you already know the city a little bit, we hope this guide will inspire and make your stay even more beautiful.

One more thing, we are instagrammers, so most of the places are photogenic spots. And because walking is the best way to discover a city, you can reach all the 24 places in our guide by foot because they are located in the city centre not far from one another.

So, in order to get the full experience, watch the videos of us doing the tour, read the pdf guide where we have information and tips about each point of interest and get the customized google map to follow along.
I´m attaching 4 pictures of each of the spots, so here it goes, our Vienna in pictures just to get a taste of those beautiful places.

1. University of Vienna

2. The City Hall

3. The Parliament

4. The Justice Palace

5. 25hours Hotel

6. The magic tunnel

7. Veganista

8. Ulrichplatz

  • Erich
  • Ulrich
  • Burggasse 24 Café and Vintage Shop

9. Museumsquartier

10. The Twin Museums

11. Burgring Café

12. Palmenhaus

13. State Hall

14. Vienna Riding School

15. Michaelerplatz

16. Minoritenkirche

17. Café Central

18. Ferstel Passage

19. Simply Raw Bakery

20. Carriage and horses 

21. Judenplatz (The Jewish Square)

22. St Stephen´s Cathedral

23. Secret doors

24. Kleines Café




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