the positive cup with Nespresso

the positive cup with Nespresso

One week ago i had the pleasure to travel to Innsbruck.

It was a press trip together with some other fellow bloggers (cuz guess what, i´m a blogger now, hihi) to the Nespresso recycling place. 

I know @me_and_mango´s vlog is super cool, but let me add some more infos here about Nespresso´s sustainably managed aluminium program

But first, let´s beginn with a question, like in school (because after all i´m also a teacher ;)

Question: What comes to your mind when you think about Nespresso?

Besides George Clooney... (gotcha! ;)

Well, when i think about Nespresso i associate it with classy people, a cozy home and my super foamy morning coffee. I´ve spent these last days in Amsterdam and in our hotels you could have Nespresso in your room, man, we loved that!

But apart from being all fancy, Nespresso has this new campaign going on, a super cool one called the “positive cup”. Together with the help of local partners, the program incorporates ambitious goals in the coffee sourcing and social welfare, aluminium recycling and resilience to climate change.

First, the coffee capsules are clima neutral, second, you can recycle them and reuse the aluminum they´re made of. And guess what? The remaining coffee (yes, there´s always some coffee left in the capsules) is used to generate electricity. Say what??? ;) i know, i had the same reaction.

So, if you´re a Nespresso fan, just like me, use the paper bag they give you (or any other) to collect all the used capsules. There are lots of dedicated capsule collection points not only around the world, but also in Vienna. If you live in Vienna and still don´t have time to do that, you can just throw them in the blue trash disposal.

Now, is it necessary to convince you why it is important to recycle? I don´t think so, but just in case..

Well, we have to reduce the amount of garbage we produce and the aluminum is one of them. Especially because it can be 100% reused.

When i was in college i had this recycling class and went back home and taught my family about its importance. My mom started recycling oil and everything. She´s super aware since then ;)

So, thanks Nespresso for the press trip, the interesting facts and for spreading such a positive idea ;)






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